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About No Noise: 


No Noise was born in the midst of a global pandemic with aim to provide artists with fair and equitable sync representation in a time when every opportunity has been taken off the table for the artists. No Noise currently represents a number of independent artists, publishing catalogs, and record labels from all over the world. We strive to be the go-to source for the best indie garage/rock and hip hop source on the market. : Senior Content Acquisition : Content Acquisition & Business Development : Content Acquisition & Finance


About Fresh Paint: 


We’re three friends who have tackled the music scene from all angles. Whether it’s been performing in our own bands, writing for magazines, or photographing festivals, music has been an integral part of our lives — and we started Fresh Paint as a way to bring music into our lives further. With the three of us who having backgrounds in writing and media, we basically spend our time sharing new music releases with people we think who might like them. Fresh Paint offers publicity and artist management services — without costing a fortune. We work with budding independent artists who are at the point of needing to build a team to manage and sustain their growth. We come in to help jump the artist to that next level. Our expertise ranges from strategizing press campaigns, designing EPKs or one-sheets, writing press releases, and finding the right record label for an artist under our management. Thanks to our years in the Chicago music scene, we have an eye (and ear) for what works. We tackle the essential non-musical tasks that an artist needs to do so the artist can focus more time on music. We’ve previously worked with publications, music companies, and other brands such as: VICE, Pitchfork, KEXP, Riot Fest, Audiotree, The Chicago Tribune, Sound Opinions (WBEZ), American Songwriter Magazine, FLOOD Magazine, Talkhouse, Under The Radar, and more. Fresh Paint works with artists we can genuinely get behind, since we’re music fans first. Check out our current gradient of artists and get in touch to start working on your projects.

Colin Smith: Artist management, producer management, and publicity

Sarah Brooks: Publicity

Julian Ramirez: Design, photography, creative services.

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About Stage Hands

The Stage Hands Job Board is an initiative to create jobs within the music community. It's clear that more and more job opportunities have been made available in recent months - and as many of our friends in the live events, music and creative industries have been faced with job/career uncertainties in the past year - our hope is to pass along and inform those seasoned and new about relevant PAID opportunities in Chicago and beyond. Whether it's a summer internship, a contract role, weekend gig or full-time job -- you'll be able to find an abundance of opportunities on the stage hands instagram page.