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What We’re Listening To: 20 July Releases We Can't Get Enough Of

We're here to help you start your week with undeniably great releases, with tracks we can't get enough of. With releases from Chicago standouts like Neputne's Core, Deeper, Varsity, and Discus alongside artists like A Savage, The Shivas, and Babe Rainbow this list is full of music-listen releases from July. This week's roundup features an eclectic mix of shoegaze, post-punk, psychedelic rock, folk, & experimental pop, regardless of your genre preference this playlist offers a little something for everyone.

Track of the Week is Inside by Neptune's Core

1. Tele by Deeper
RIYLT: Interpol, Protomartyr, & Omni

With a captivating blend of post-punk, indie rock, and art rock, creating an introspective and energetic sound. With their distinctive style and thoughtful songwriting, Deeper has carved out a unique place in the music scene. The post-punk influence is evident in their angular guitar riffs, driving basslines, and propulsive drumming, which provide a rhythmic foundation that is both catchy and dynamic.


2. Butterfly Stitches by Saytr Play
RIYLT: Arctic Monkeys, The Vaccines, Catfish and the Bottlemen, & The Wombats

"Butterfly Stitches" by Saytr Play is an electrifying indie rock anthem that demands attention from the very first note. This high-energy track is characterized by its infectious guitar riffs, pulsating rhythm section, and the dynamic vocals of frontman Fred Farrell. The lyrics of "Butterfly Stitches" delve into themes of heartbreak, resilience, and finding strength in vulnerability.

3. Inside by Neptune's Core
RIYLT: Moontype, Lala Lala, & Mannequin Pussy

Neptune's Core is a band that brings a unique and captivating sound to the music scene. Their music can be described as an innovative fusion of alternative rock, electronic elements, and atmospheric texture. Neptune's Core is defined by its atmospheric quality. The band incorporates ethereal textures, ambient soundscapes, and carefully crafted sonic layers, which add depth and richness to their music. This atmospheric quality creates a sense of space and allows their music to transport listeners to different emotional and sonic realms.

4. We Belong Together by The Shivas
RIYLT: The Mystery Lights, Allah-Las, & Mystic Braves

A fusion of retro influences and modern experimentation. Drawing inspiration from the surf rock sounds of the '60s and '70s, their melodies are drenched in reverb and echo, transporting listeners to sun-soaked beaches and the carefree spirit of a bygone era. Yet, they infuse their music with a fresh and contemporary twist, incorporating elements of garage rock, psychedelia, and even hints of punk energy."

5. I Told You That I Was Afraid by The Beths
RIYLT: Alvvays, Courtney Barnett, & Waxahatchee

The Beths' acoustic rendition of "I Told You That I Was Afraid" is a raw and stripped-down version of their original hit. With just a guitar and vocals, the song takes on a more intimate and vulnerable quality. Lead singer Elizabeth Stokes' emotive delivery brings out the poignant lyrics, creating a deeply personal and relatable experience for listeners. The acoustic arrangement allows the song's melody and heartfelt storytelling to shine, showcasing The Beths' talent for crafting catchy and emotionally resonant music.

6. Push Back Baby by Lutalo
RIYLT: Slow Pulp, Mia Joy, & Tenci

Lutalo sees music as an emblem of hope. With their personal touch of folk, rock, and soul, Lutalo intertwines exquisite poetries promoting curiosity and empathy for individuals navigating their way through the world. Through their music, but also through their lifestyle that’s alternative to America’s economic and political systems, Lutalo asks listeners to imagine new possibilities: “I want to help people question the way they’re living so we can create a better reality for us to exist in together.”

7. True Religion by Couch Prints
RIYLT: Glass Animals, Chvrches, & Phantom Youth

Couch Prints, a beloved electronic band from NYC known for their distinctive sound and thought-provoking lyrics, return with their latest single, "True Religion." This song explores the lives of individuals navigating the vibrant tapestry of New York City, shedding light on the challenges that arise as time disrupts cherished plans. When vocalist Jayanna Roberts boldly declares, "We're forging ahead, the end is near but it is not today," it is not a lamentation for a lost future, but rather a celebration of the inherent futility of history itself."

8. Armour by Fran Lobo
RIYLT: FKA twigs, Daughter, Låpsley, & Björk

Armour embarks on a journey fraught with unexpected twists and turns, delving into the depths of darkness and artificial highs with a drug-induced fantasy element. Lobo guides the way, depicting multiple roles in the theatrical frenzy. And as the song draws to a close, the final minute reveals a sudden change, forcing us to either scramble out of the pit or embrace it. Fran elucidates, "Armour is a high-energy surrealist composition that addresses the struggles to maintain self-esteem, self-worth, and a sense of belonging in a world where one feels alienated, seeking other people's affirmation and words like a drug."

9. The Trench Coat Museum by Yard Act
RIYLT: IDLES, Fontaines D.C., Squid, & Black Midi

With clever and insightful lyrics, their music offers a sharp commentary on social and cultural issues, creating a thought-provoking and captivating listening experience. "The Trench Coat Museum," Yard Act's James Smith reflects on his reaction to gaining visibility and the resulting mix of love, appreciation, security, and disdain. Smith acknowledges that criticism is fair game and the internet can be lawless, but admits he stopped searching for himself on Twitter after reading a comment about someone wanting to punch his lights out. The song delves into the shifting perceptions of society and individuals over time and the hindrance that self-assurance can have on our collective process.

10. 11:11 by Luci
RIYLT: Wet Leg, DIVES, & Young Fathers

Luci fuses various genres ranging from hip-hop and R&B to psych-punk, making it impossible to categorize her sound. Drawing inspiration from various sources such as lines, colors, cinema, and her punk shows-attending friends, her approach to music-making has no predictable format. Embracing a new era and sound in her career, she comfortably targets the mainstream with a track that has irresistibly catchy choruses and rhythms. She shared that while lying on the vocal booth floor of Lou's studio (Lineage Studios in LA), listening to Elias and Lou bond over chords and drums, she searched for melodies and lyrics that would make the track unique from their previous work.

11. Elixir by Katie von Schleicher
RIYLT: Hand Habits, Angel Olsen, & Julia Jacklin

Katie von Schleicher's sound is a blend of indie rock, dream pop, and folk influences. With her distinctive vocals, she weaves together introspective lyrics and atmospheric instrumentation to create an enchanting experience.The song is built upon a foundation of delicate guitar melodies, subtle synths, and soft percussion, creating a sonic landscape that is both haunting and beautiful. von Schleicher's vocals, with their ethereal quality and emotive delivery, effortlessly float over the atmospheric production,

12. Belleville by Laurel Halo
RIYLT: Holly Herndon, Kelly Lee Owen, & FKA twigs

Laurel Halo's output is a unique and stylistically diverse collection of music that draws inspiration from various musical traditions. Her discography encompasses a wide range of genres, including ambient, experimental pop, leftfield club, and film scores. "Belleville," a piano ballad recorded in one take during Halo's spring 2021 Paris residency, is embellished with processed vibraphone undertones and a sudden and beautiful stack of Sey's vocal harmonies.

13. Take It the Wrong Way by Varsity
RIYLT: Alvvays, Frankie Cosmos, & Tennis

"Take It the Wrong Way" is an intricate fusion of indie rock, alternative pop, and subtle electronic elements. The song is a testament to Variety's aptitude for creating compelling and emotionally resonant music. With its infectious melodies, introspective lyrics, and genre-blending instrumentation, this track is bound to leave a profound impact on listeners.

14. Sunshine by Babe Rainbow
RIYLT: Tame Impala, Mild High Club, & Allah-Las

The track is a blend of psychedelic folk and surf rock, with jangly guitars, groovy basslines, and a cheerful combination of percussions. With soothing and dreamy vocals that perfectly complement the laid-back and breezy instrumentals. Whether you're an avid admirer of psychedelic tunes or in search of a cherished dose of optimism, Babe Rainbow's "Sunshine" is an enchanting and elevating masterpiece that will transport you to a paradise filled with warm rays of sunshine. It will undoubtedly evoke an irresistible urge to dance and immerse yourself in its radiant brilliance.

15. The Window by Ratboys
RIYLT: Big Thief, Waxahatchee, & Pinegrove

"The Window" by Ratboys is a captivating and introspective track that seamlessly merges indie rock with elements of folk and alt-country. The song takes you on a journey of self-reflection and nostalgia, immersing you in its intimate and heartfelt storytelling. "Windows" is both lush and intricate, with a delicate interplay between acoustic and electric guitars, complemented by understated yet impactful drums. The melodies are instantly infectious, while the intricate guitar work adds a layer of depth and intricacy to the track. .

16. Too Much by Andrew Hung
RIYLT: SOPHIE, Holly Herndon, & Blanck Mass

This song is like a turbulent river that carries me to wherever it would take me. I’m crying for help in this song, asking for love to 'carry me home.. to bury the moon.' There’s a moment of respite when I find out that listening calms as if the internal is external. Maybe this song is the moment the floodgates are released; a moment that feels too much.”The video amplifies the track’s themes of disillusionment and weariness but ultimately hope flourishes and a disregard of fear comes from that embrace,” says Hung. “It’s a dark noirish video that claws for a hidden joy, just like the song itself. I loved playing a part in this incredible video made by a team of very talented filmmakers.”

17. Thanksgiving Prayer by A Savage
RIYLT: Parquet Courts, Kurt Vile, & Kevin Morby

Of the single, Savage adds: “Well, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and every year on that day I write down some words having to do with gratitude. Some years are better than others, but the last one I celebrated these words just sort of came out of me. It was a pretty special holiday actually, because in fact we were recording this song, but I made everybody take a day off. The accompanying “Thanksgiving Prayer” video — directed by Tiff Pritchett —is a black-and-white homage to silent film, with Savage adorned in makeup and surrounded by his band and handmade decoration.

18. Little Ways by Mutual Benefit
RIYLT: Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, & Fleet Foxes

“Little Ways” signposts a stunning introduction to the new collection; sonically expansive with country-adjacent influences occasionally poking through. The track acted as a cheerful reminder for Lee throughout the pandemic, helping him through times of uncertainty. Speaking about this first glimpse of Growing at the Edges, Lee says: “‘Little Ways’ came out of a period in my 30’s where acquaintances were buying houses and starting backyard gardens while I was still in a cramped Brooklyn apartment wondering if my life was stuck in place. I eventually found contentment through staying in the present moment and noticing how our inner and outer landscapes change a little each day and that it is our relationships that make a place meaningful.”

19. a brief dream of sun by dayaway
RIYLT: The Griswolds, Smallpools, & Sunflower Bean

dayaway is the dreamy indie pop project of Amber Renee (CLAVVS). A water sign with an obsession with the ocean, her songs tell a story of love and loss, detailing a heartbreak in summertime snapshots. The project was written and conceived over many afternoons out at Rockaway Beach and produced with her longtime collaborator and four-time Grammy winner Graham Marsh. Equal parts beachy new wave and hazy dream pop, dayaway’s songs are tailor-made for golden afternoons on the water.

20. Hope to Death by Discus
RIYLT: Pool Holograph, The Hecks, Vulfpeck

"Hope to Death" by Discus is a captivating release that showcases the band's unique blend of jazz, fusion, and rock. The track takes listeners on a journey, filled with intricate melodies, dynamic rhythms, and evocative improvisations.


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