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Context: Life Since Disconnecting from the World and Technology for One month

Updated: Sep 6


1) BLOG: Me documenting my perfect life while also being the dopest, smartest, coolest person alive. The burden is heavy, but I carry it for you all.

2) BOOK CLUB: Required readings, discussions, etc. possibly on Zoom but may just do a podcast or video depending on what I'm feeling up to just have to subscribe or follow along it's all a secret I'm just following a feeling.

3) ROUND TABLE: Talk to each other, CIVIL debate is good for people.

4) 'CONSULTING I GUESS (LOL???)' if you're called it's free but if you reach out to me I'll charge based on what makes sense and I'll NEVER turn anyone away, open to trades/exchange of ideas/send me another person to talk to and that's payment enough!

5) ART: I'll be making music I just bought a cassette thing to record my own music on + bought a ton of film for my old school Polaroid and then just my other cameras I have 5 + then a digital. Also, an audio recorder and some other misc. things. The software I use and really like are Lightroom, Podbean (podcast also free), iMovie, Garageband, literally Mac Photobooth LOL, + Zoom which isolates audio. Also, I'll keep you updated on this cassette I'll tell you the brand if I figure out how to use it + it's like functional it was like $40 lol. I'm going to do a little bit of everything + none of it will be good it's just for fun! I am going to prove I can make music with more soul than anything being done by anyone in music right now because I'm just a desperate,attention-seeking, mentally ill, narcissistic, BITCH right?

I'll be updating the website to reflect these changes, this will now be my personal blog. There is 0 access to me via social media ONLY email and you have to go through someone who knows me or I will not speak to you. They find me, I don't find them.


I'll only talk to you with an endorsement, references, or recommendation.

You know what to do. GO!

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