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Weekly Recurrent

Updated: May 19, 2021

Cover art by Cailey Davern

1. Florida by Fauvely

2. Buggin’ by E Woods

3. ALPHAPUSSY by Pixel Grip

4. Turning Red by Neptune’s Core

5. Same Mistakes by tomemitsu, V.V. Lightbody

6. Go Outside by Ratboys

7. Strawberry Cough by FACS

8. 3 Weeks by Moontype

9. Slow Reaction by Woongi

10. Skipping Stones into the Asteroid Belt by Honey Slides, Dustin Lorenzi

11. Drink The Lake by Ian Sweet 12. Sun Ra Jane by Lifeguard

13. Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Closer by Tasha 14 Dopamine by Cole DeGenova 15. Shiney by Floaty 16. i believe in u by Hand Habits 17. San Fidel by Quiet Takes 18. Soft Serve by R.I.Peter 19. Portals by Katy Kirby

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