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Weekly Recap: Playlists, New Releases, Upcoming Events, and More!

Singles We Love:

Dollar Beer Night- Sports Boyfriend

'FOMO'- Burr Oak

Dirty Mirror- Alexandra

Lonely Weekend- NNAMDÏ

Ebb and Flow- Syd Cramer

Strawberries and Cream- Picante

NO PLACE- Noodle Boy

'Girl Loves Me'- OHMME

Featured Playlist:

Music Videos We Love:

'Songs to Feel To'- Millicent

Queen Mars- Dreams

'Silver Sphere' -Spun Out

'Kissing In The Park'- Devin Shaffer

'omg'- Jackie Hayes

'Summer in Algeria' - The Roof Dogs

HVSNT'- Juice Mazelee

'Frank Bacon'- Liam Kazar

'Fast and Free' - The Laughing Hearts

'Ambulance'- BNNY

Can't Miss Events

June 13th: Dagger Sessions: Uma Bloo, Friko, and Kyle Madsen Trio

Golden Dagger is thrilled to announce, DAGGER SESSIONS. Live acoustic performances in our open-air venue. Tickets are sold as General Admission with a limited capacity.

Location: 2447 N. Halsted |Time: Noon-7pm |Tickets: $10, 21+

June 13th: Sleeping Village Patio Show Dessert Liminal

Jessee Rose Crane and Philip Jerome Lesicko are glow in the dark flowers, an art band from New Douglas, Illinois. There’s a gold vein of expressive wealth that runs through their consistently evolving sound. Dedicated to a fault, they sculpt recordings analog from their studio Rose Raft carved out from an abandoned family home. Here, the two direct an artist musician’s residency and provide creative lifeblood to a collective of artists from all over the country. They are a band intent on growing and nurturing their art over a lifetime. Desert Liminal began as the solo songwriting project of Chicago musician Sarah Jane Quillin, in the wake of a beloved band ending (Heavy Dreams, a fruitful collaboration with DEHD’s Emily Kempf). Desert Liminal’s unique sound is marked by Quillin’s spectral vocal melodies layered over warm, looping walls of vintage synthesizer filtered through a distortion pedal array.

Location: 3734 West Belmont Avenue |Time: 5pm | Tickets: $16, 21+

June 14th: Music Industry Happy Hour at Golden Dagger

Miss catching up with your friends at shows? Join Dreamhouse + Golden Dagger every Monday from 4-6 PM at 2447 N Halsted to enjoy a drink special (coffee, cocktails and N/A options available) and a curated local music playlist on our beautiful outdoor patio or by our giant open-air windows! Feel free to bring a project on your laptop or something creative you’re working on— (masked) collaboration and friendship making is highly encouraged.

This happy hour is open to all members of the music, art and bar industry and their friends and fans. Make a reservation at to secure a spot on our patio. We can’t wait to meet you!

Location: 2447 N. Halsted |Time: 6:30-8:30 |Tickets: Free 21+

June 15th: Low Cost Arts and Crafts with Kathy Patino

Join Kathy Patino (Girl K) for an 8-session workshop on accessing your creativity through found and low-cost materials and art making. Every session, a different project will be completed individually as a class, with discussion topics to make you expand on and harness your own creative potential. Classes will take place at Golden Dagger's beautiful new open-air venue, with cocktails and coffee are available for-purchase from our full bar.

Location: 2447 N. Halsted |Time: 4:00-6:00 |Tickets: $15 21+

June 17th: Golden Dagger Workshop Series Acting and Movement with Dani Jean-Baptiste

Join Dani Jean-Baptiste for a workshop series on Acting and Movement, open to performers and non-performers of all skill sets and experiences. The objective of this course is to make sure that those who are not necessarily actors, those who would like to become actors, and those who would like to perform can gain information and insight on how to prepare their bodies and minds to be performance ready.

Location: 2447 N. Halsted |Time: 6-8 |Tickets: $!0, 21+

June 17th: Meg Memes Dance Party

Join DJ H4L3Y, Meg Memes and a special guest for the return of DANCING at Golden Dagger-- capacity is limited, so be sure to RSVP.

Location: 2447 N. Halsted |Time: 7-10 |Tickets: Free, 21+

June 18th: Quiet Pterodactyl Listening Party and Record Sale at Esquina

Guest Artists: Neptunes Core, Mirrors, Justice Hill, Al Tamper, and more!

Location: 4602 N. Western Ave |Time: 7-10 |Tickets: Free, All Ages

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