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Wavy i.d's Arturo Calendar's Releases New Single 'Jazzcat'

Updated: May 19, 2021

Chicago's psychedelic funk artist Arturo Calendar released the last single"Jazzcat" under the name George Arthur Calendar today, through Mexico City-based label Stereochip Records.

Calendar wrote the song at the beginning of the pandemic, which also coincided with a tough breakup. The song documents his struggles of living alone in his apartment during all of these changes before he came to not only accept but also welcome them.“Que dificil es decir adios” is the main theme of the song, which translates to, “it is so hard to say goodbye.“ Calendar says this sarcastically, though, as he realizes he can say bye easily and to welcome the next changes in his life after his transitions in the past year. Arturo says he uses spanglish as his form of art to communicate his emotions and thoughts, blending both his background growing up in Mexico and also his current experiences as a working musician in Chicago.

Arturo first began his project George Arthur Calendar in late 2015 after writing songs in between living between northern California and New Zealand, where he began playing his songs at house shows, bars, open mics, and everywhere he was invited. Calendar further established himself as an in-demand multi-instrumentalist and connected with the larger Chicago music scene as the bass player of Wavy i.d where he played on stage or collaborated with artists such as Mild High Club, Paul Cherry, Divino Niño, and Claude, to name a few.

Like his friends, Calendar channels psychedelic soul into his music. His almost tropical blend of music is also an extension of his background and of the places he's lived, too. After cutting his teeth in so many bands, the friends he's made while living in Chicago — including Wavy i.d.'s Adam LP and Mild High Club's Alex Brettin — encouraged Arturo to release his own music. So far, Calendar's music has landed on at least four different Spotify editorial playlists. He's also appeared in local media both in his native Mexico City, like Playlist Magazine, as well as his newer home of Chicago, like Lyrical Lemonade and CHIRP Radio. Aurturo's side project Fancy Macho — a bedroom-pop duo with Puerto Rican singer Abel Agront — and played Chicago's Ruido Festival, among other popular venues in the city before the pandemic began.

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