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Release Radar: Ty Segall releases his first album in two years, Harmonizer, out TODAY via Drag City

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Ty Segall surprises listeners today with the unexpected yet highly anticipated, release of an his first new album in two years, Harmonizer. Bursting with transcendent energy, with Harmonizer, Ty glides smoothly into unexpected territory, with wealth of tightly-controlled beats, thick keyboard textures, guitar, and endless harmonies. This glossy sound makes for some of Ty’s cleanest songs and starkest ideas to date bracing him as he revisits the lonely days and loathsome nights of the alienated, grown-up-wrong soul.

The thing about closed doors is they need opening again, no matter what happens. You open them and then you can pass through them. And there’s light on the other side. That’s the essence of Harmonizer.

Co-produced by Cooper Crain, Harmonizer is the first recording to be released from Ty’s just-completed Harmonizer Studios. Cooper’s own journey in rhythm, minimalism and DIY mines the depths around Ty’s peerless vocal attack and never-ending search for unfathomably corrosive guitar sounds. With an eye towards precision, feel and explosive mass, The Freedom Band -- Ben Boye, Mikal Cronin, Emmett Kelly, and Charles Moothart -- appear all over Harmonizer.

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