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Tracks of the Week: Tango by Rodrigo Amarante

Next Friday, July 16th, Rodrigo Amarante will release his new album, Drama, via Polyvinyl. Today, he presents its third single/video, “Tango,” which may be the key to the theme of the album. Over a buttery melody and accommodating arrangement, “Tango” is a song about a relationship disguised as a partner dancing lesson: exploring one’s need for support, struggling with voicing that, and eventually finding it.

“When I wrote this song I was projecting the idea of a love that lasts, one that is mutually supportive and reliable, safe in that sense, and I can't imagine that being possible without a good dose of sense of humor,” says Amarante. “That seems to be the only way to get through it, the hard times. The song describes this love through what appears as dance instructions, pleads, the coordination of movements. When I met Julie and Angel and saw them dance I felt as if I found that love. When I turned on the camera I had a tear roll down my eyes; the film was capturing what I attempted to write, at last, a love that can be seen, one that words and melody can only hint at.”

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