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Updated: Aug 27

Disclaimer as advised by my local police department is aware of and fully supports this project: Remember this a story and it's all performance art but it's all true and I'm a miracle and a creative/evil genius except that's not possible because I'm just a bipolar, lying, crazy, manipulative woman right? I am not a danger to myself or anyone else and never will be.

I keep saying I am safe, healthy, and happy. I am not a threat to myself or others, I am on my meds, I am with my Dad, and I haven't smoked weed in 3-5 days. So why the fuck will no one acknowledge that? I made choices you cannot understand so you demonize me, judge me, and pretend to be concerned when we all know you're just NOSY. If you were REALLY concerned you wouldn't have waited until now to acknowledge how much pain I've experienced. I asked people to help me fight abuse in the world and almost no one was willing to stand with me. That's fine but I am not ever backing down. I did experience a miracle and i do not care if you believe that even remotely. I literally recorded it all, stated how I feel very clearly, and then gave a message and a takeaway yet you think I'm delusional, paranoid, and crazy so fine i guess I am. But what does that say about the world that women just have an opinion, different perspective, and standing in that makes me fucking insane? Alright well, I think YOU'RE insane for thinking I'm insane LOL. Like please ask yourself if this sounds incoherent. We ALL KNOW It doesn't I just see things differently no matter how many times I say that people treat me like a criminal, villain, and dare i SAY The Anti-Christ. Of fucking course if success, perception, and money are all you care about or value in life of course i SEEM insane but i said this was a CHOICE. And the fact that no one can even possibly fathom that shows how deeply deeply broken the world is. Like I guess I'm sorry this was the only way I could feel safe in a world full of abuse, lies, and ego. MY FUCKING BAD EVERYBODY! You all claim to be so religious and to feel spirit but when I say I did and that something helped me I'm crazy? How is that possible? If God is real and you believe that then what about my story is so unbelievable like genuinely except for the fact that it challenges the popular narrative? I have tried my whole life to be a good person, help people, do what was right, and tell the truth, and claiming that something happened that saved or helped me is delusional now. Isn't this the shit you all preach all the time? But maybe you never really believed it. Alright LMFAO.

Maybe just maybe i HAD A MENTAL BREAK BECAUSE A MAN CAME TO ME AND IDENTIFIED HIMSELF AS THE ACTUAL BIBLICAL DEVIL AND TOLD ME I WAS CHOSEN AND I TOLD THAT TO MY THERAPIST SO I OBVIOUSLY DID NOT MAKE THAT UP BUT WHATEVER SAY WHAT YOU WANT I DONT GIVE A FUCK. When I asked him if he knew who I was he said almost exactly was and i quote "You go by many names, but you don't exist in my world" Yeah, I'm sure that would send anyone spiraling lmfao.

I QUITE LITERALLY said over and over this is all bullshit, I'm an unreliable narrator, and this is a performance art interactive project to prove a point and sent a message. I don't *ACTUALLY* believe I'm the God of Old or Immortal LMFAO but what if I was. Would that scare you? WHAT would That say about how you treat women? What would say about the way you've all treated me? What does that say about our world? You claim to believe but i speak you don't hear me, I show you you don't watch, I explain you act confused or willfully ignorant don't play stupid. You all know exactly what this is about and why i WOULD DO THIS.

I would LOVE a Doctor to show me what psychotic break has led to someone's childhood dream of being able to sing magically come true, knowing things they really have no way of knowing, and where their skin clears up and hair magically becomes very soft. Where they need nothing other than what is in front of them to enjoy life? I've LITERALLY NEVER heard of any psychotic break described in that way but I'm open to exploring it.

i gave you all the:

1) OBJECTIVE FACTS of my situation with the individuals involved

2) LITERALLY filmed what I understand to be some sort of religious experience

3) Gave you a very clear, coherent, logical, and empathetic interpretation/perspective/truth

4) What I took away from it/learned from this

5) Ways to verify every single claim made

and all you do is call me crazy and a liar. Okaaaaaaaay lmfao that's fully on you.

It's honestly REALLY stressing me out that I have to keep fucking repeating myself and that no one believes me, understands or is willing to hear me out. I'm not going to post anymore. I told the truth believe what you want.

Also nothing I've said is any crazier than the shit Alex Jones, Elon Musk, Donald Trump or any other insane dude spews. If their sane then so am I LMFAO???

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