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The Mild West Breaksdown the Stories Behind Each Track on Their Debut EP, It's Been A Good Run

Updated: May 18, 2021

Since 2018, The Mild West has made a splash in the Chicago music scene with their energetic performances and lively early singles. Borrowing from a wide variety of influences such as The Killers and Walk the Moon, the band’s sound drips with soaring melodies, catchy hooks, and powerful delivery. With their debut EP, "It's Been A Good Run", the band has delivered their strongest offering yet. A sense of cohesion and elevated energy run through the EP to usher in a new era of the band's sound. As the group builds toward their first full-length album, The Mild West anticipates capturing new audiences, and surprising loyal fans.

Listening to 'It's Been A Good Run' made me feel like I was in my car with the windows down, just driving around, wasting time with friends. The EP as whole evokes this sort of simplistic nostalgia, it reminds the summer before I went away to college, that feeling of knowing that you're growing up and that life is about to get a lot more complicated, but instead of worrying about the future you embrace life with this youthful optimism, determined to make the most of where you're at before things change. The EP is a deeply personal story of a person confronting the depths of their own feelings while grappling with their insecurities and fears in regard to love.

We sat down with The Mild West, who walked us though each track on It's Been A Good Run' and told us a little about what each song means to them.

“Your Love Is Killing Me”

We wanted to come out swinging with our debut EP and YLIKM was the unanimous leadoff hitter. We chose this as the lead single because we felt it was the most holistic representation of the band's sound and energy. We opened with this song during the only show we played in 2020 and immediately felt the energy reflecting back at us from the crowd that had never even heard the song before. It's a song about doing everything you can to make something work because you love it, even if it takes a lot out of you.

“Tidal Wave”

We have a voice memo of this song from August 2019 that shows how the song’s melody and structure were pretty solid from the beginning. I grew up listening to a lot of Coldplay and always admired how singable their choruses were. The best melodies are ones that an audience can sing with you after hearing it once, a skill that Coldplay has mastered pretty well. The lyrics are a little more somber than our other tunes, alluding to a relationship that has grown apart and is too late to put back together.

“I Don’t Mind”

The demo that Dan first sent over of this gave off big radio rock vibes. The restaurant I worked at had an all 80s playlist and I always loved when “Just What I Needed” by The Cars came on, basing the title on that song's opening lyrics. I also channeled some Motion City Soundtrack-inspired lyrics, painting really specific images through lines that don’t make a lot of sense in or out of context. We also felt this was our most "classic rock" arrangement, so we tried to keep that "classic rock" live energy in the recording. “Better Than Myself”

This song was the newest of the bunch that ended up on the EP, coming together much faster than the other songs. It was a reassuring sign that our songwriting skills and collaboration was improving as a band. We wanted to throw as much into the last tune on the EP as we could, explaining the nearly 5 and half minute playtime. It's also probably the saddest song of the EP about a relationship that can't seem to work no matter how hard it tries. Even as the newest song on our radar, it quickly became one our favorites to play in the room.

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