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Steven Xia pushes musical boundaries and embolden the next generation of Asian-Americans

Steven Xia is an enigma. Is he a pop sweetheart? Or maybe an R&B aficionado? On his new track, SOLDIER, the answer is none of the above. Steven breaks away from the beaten path, refusing to be pigeonholed as he delivers a genre-bending rock anthem that sounds like Blink-182 and Kenny Hoopla had a child out of wedlock. Drawing inspiration from old & new, Steven seamlessly weaves gritty, distorted vocals with high energy, power chord-driven rhythm guitar.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs as a second-generation Chinese-American, Steven's range of musical influence is as vast as it is idiosyncratic. From Eagles to NLE Choppa , he's derived inspiration from a slew of seemingly disparate artists. This amalgam of sounds is present in his genre-bending production and vocals. Steven challenges the erroneous notion that an artist has to reside in a particular sonic sphere. Instead, he prioritizes authenticity in his craft as he seeks to push musical boundaries and embolden the next generation of Asian-Americans.

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