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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Spun Out, the Chicago-based band led by Mikey Wells and James Weir (formerly of NE-HI), released their mesmerizing debut album, Touch the Sound, last year on Spun Out Productions / Shuga Records. Today, they release “Silver Shine” (Feat. Mykele Deville), the first in a series of 3 collaborative singles the band will be releasing this summer. Inspired by early Scott Storch production, The X-Files, Marvin Gaye, and psychedelia, the track is a harmonious blend of lofty keys, a taught percussive beat, and Mykelle Deville’s voice. As Wells sings the chorus, he’s joined by additional vocalists Caroline Campbell and Anna Miller. The accompanying video was directed by Noble Savage (Austin LeMoine and Troy Chebuhar), who first collaborated with the band on their video for “Another House.” The “Silver Shine” video is a combination of footage shot in St. Louis and stop motion animation.

“‘Silver Shine’ was born in quarantine recording back and forth between my bedroom and on the piano in my basement, says Weird. “Mikey, Mykele, and I used to be neighbors in Humboldt Park and had been talking about collaborating for some time. This track just felt perfect for him and his verse really took it to the next level. One of the best lyricists in Chicago. This is also the second time collaborating with the amazing Caroline Campbell and Anna Miller (Moonworm) on harmonies. Lastly, big shout out to Noble Savage for creating an amazing video down in St. Louis with very limited resources throughout this crazy year!"

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