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FEATURED: F**ked in the Head by Sofya Wang

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Freely mixing pop, alt-R&B, and rock in her singles ‘Boys Aside’ and ‘Found Love’, Sofya Wang’s unique perspective is heard once again in new single ‘F**ked in the Head’. Raised in Southern California, Wang’s music blurs gender norms and musical genres. She describes herself as “an artist who also happens to be gender fluid, lesbian, and first-generation Chinese American”. Her authenticity shines through in her songs with introspective lyrics that explore personal relationships, sexuality, and self-discovery. Returning with a live performance video for the upcoming single ‘F**ked in the Head’ he energetic punk rock-inflicted track arrives just in time for Pride Month, telling the story of an all too familiar feeling of being struck by love.

Stopping herself from Tweeting “Once again I’m fucked in the head by a girl”, Sofya Wang decided to take her frustration out through songwriting instead of a social media post. Jamming on the new acoustic guitar she’d just bought, Sofya wrote the song in just one day before taking it to her producer and songwriting partner Kevin Lubrano, who also directed the live video. The video is the first of a live performance collection with Sofya releasing a live EP ‘Sofya Wang Live in Studio’. The new single was engineered by Wil Anspach.

“You see somebody cute, and you the ultimate simp for them. You forget about yourself, you forget all your shit. You know it’s like lowkey toxic. But you know, you’re self-aware about it. That’s what it's like! You dumb as fuck and it's kinda fun. But once you acknowledge it, You can use your brain a little more. After you’re like - I’m being fucked in the head right now. I keep thinking about this person. I got shit to do - You can recognize that and realize that this person doesn’t rule my world, that’s infatuation.”

Having taken music lessons from a young age and later becoming classically trained in piano and cello, Sofya Wang has always been musically inclined. However, Sofya discovered in middle school that she could use music to express as opposed to just playing other people’s music, so began to improvise with her own creations during practice sessions. At 17 she realised that singing and performing in front of a crowd is what felt like her true calling, despite having only ever sung in the shower! Following her gut feeling has truly paid of for Sofya, who now enjoys her own fanbase of “baby gays that I will forever be grateful for” and over a million streams on DSP’s.

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