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Slow Pulp Captures The Essence of Finding Comfort In The Predictability of Disappointment In 'Doubt'

Slow Pulp's album, Yard, showcases a captivating blend of genres including listless guitar, weepy americana, raw piano ballads, and energetic pop-punk. The band's success is deeply rooted in their long-standing friendships, with guitarist/producer Henry Stoehr, drummer Teddy Mathews, and bassist Alex Leeds having known each other since elementary school in Madison. Later joined by vocalist Emily Massey, Slow Pulp's early work gained popularity on YouTube and blogs, leading to their relocation to Chicago in 2018 and their breakthrough debut album, Moveys, in 2019.

Within Slow Pulp, trust between members is evident in the playful collaboration that remains core to their creative process. In 'Doubt' the group, skillfully intertwines layers of subtlety, evoking impressions and contradictions, to capture the essence of finding comfort in the predictability of disappointment. Massey explores the idea that our perception of how others view us is more often than not a reflection of our own self-doubt. The line "Take me in and size me up // I know you're not always a judge // Am I not enough or too much" is a rather complex self-reflection from Massey, who acknowledges the fact that she enters into relationships anticipating judgment. With the phrase "not always" Massey gives insight into the polarity of her own thoughts, it's an indication of her attempt to introduce nuance to the deeply held core belief. The following line reiterates the pattern of black-and-white thinking evident throughout the song. Massey demonstrates her ability to craft a sense of familiarity and universal understanding within intricate and complex narratives. As Slow Pulp evolves, their music continues to offer refreshing insight into the platitudes of self, by fragmenting contradictory elements into a cohesive whole.

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