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Chicago's Fauvley Explores The Beauty in Being with Single 'Florida'

Updated: May 19, 2021

"Writing has always been a place for me to ease my anxieties," says Sophie Brochu, the leader behind Fauvely, a project that since 2017 has ranged from a solo endeavor to a 6-piece ensemble. "Waiting on an answer, coming around a bend in the road too fast, watching a loved one plunge beneath a wave. A lot of my inspiration comes from the moments in which I've found myself holding my breath."

Fauvely, which is an iteration of the French word, fauve, encompasses Dale Price on lead guitar, Dave Piscotti on drums, and Phil Conklin on bass, an arrangement that has become something more akin to family. Fauvely is now split between Chicago and Brochu’s hometown of Savannah, Georgia. Beautiful Places, which follows the 2019 EP, This is What The Living Do, is an invitation of sorts. "We want to take you on a journey, from the backroads of Georgia to the dead of a Chicago winter.”

Despite the distance the band recently released Florida the captivating third single off of their debut album Beautiful Places's. Songwriter Sophie Brochu wrote "Florida" after a night at the beach. She wrote this song about all of the ways in which we can see someone and about finding the beauty in being just a blip in space.

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