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E Wood's Single is a Call to Harness the Power We Have to Wish Healing Upon People Who Hurt Us

Updated: May 19, 2021

E Woods is the moniker of Chicago R&B artist Emily Woods. Woods, a St. Louis native who spent the last 10 years navigating Chicago's underground music scene, performing in a variety of soul and rock projects. Now, E has found a sound all her own.

Soulful, vibrant, and dynamic. Her music emphasizes finding freedom from within and claiming your own space unapologetically. She strives to write Soulful RnB/Pop music that has the power to uplift listeners and leave them with something more promising to hold onto.

"BUGGIN,"the second single off of her upcoming EP Late Night, embodies what Woods does best: Shining through a R&B composition with remarkable vocals and uplifting delivery.

The song is about deserving better and choosing better than messy relationship shit. It's a call to harness the power we have to wish healing upon the ones we need to leave behind.

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