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Florida Four-Piece Rohna's Psychedelic Single 'Renew' Explores Existential Uncertainty

Updated: May 19, 2021

Renew blends different styles of indie, alternative, and psychedelic rock into one cathartic and energetic song. The lyrics dive into existential themes that reflect the chaotic and uncertain year that we have experienced. The music video is a very colorful and psychedelic representation of the song, reflecting the energy that we bring into our live performances. The song was entirely self-produced and mixed by us and is also the first of many singles we will be releasing this year.

Rohna is a four-piece band made up of lifelong best friends from Tampa, Florida with roots in alternative, indie, and psychedelic rock. Through their music and growing platform, they strive to inspire positive change and create meaningful connections with their audience. Rohna's ability to blend different rock genres allows them to bring something fresh and unique to the table with every release. Forming in 2019, they independently released their debut album in 2020 and went on a self-booked East Coast tour. They also opened for a number of national and international touring acts. As active members of their local music scene, they have built a name for themselves around Florida and are beginning to gain online traction. Now they are working on releasing new music throughout 2021 and will eventually be planning more tours.

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