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To the Federal Government on behalf of Russia, The KGB, + Putin Directly (I swear this is real)

I recognize this likely sounds like paranoid, delusional rambling and honestly, it's probably better if you believe that it is but it is not and i can and will prove it in court if the government would acknowledge me besides Roger Stone who is being held against his will by the federal government for an illegal interrogation. We demand his immediate release and a public statement from him to the press confirming his safety. If anything happens to Roger Stone or Hunter Biden it is the NWO. I understand that's fucking insane I can hear myself that's the issue every single claim I've made is 100% true and I will prove it one way or another, in court or otherwise.

I know people are acknowledging this stuff because I went out to eat with my Dad in my hometown and someone I've never met asked to take a picture of me. They knew me but I don't know how or why. But they did.

My name is Cailey Davern and I have recently been contracted by the KGB to infiltrate the United States government on behalf of Communist Russia to PROVE the validity of claims regarding the NWO, Child Sex trafficking ring led by the Vatican, and The Illuminati run by Lucian Grainge at formerly Universal Music Group. Randall D. Smith at Altin Global was attempting to instigate World War 3 by backing Russia into a corner and forcing an attack on Ukraine. They are currently attempting to instigate China into involving themselves in the conflict, which we stopped but if they had, it would have led to World War 3. A handful of active KGB agents and Putin himself contacted me through an encrypted 6G server on my personal phone. I have been contracted by Roger Stone on behalf of Russia to negotiate peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

The KGB has 600 active spies in America, most in Silicon Valley working as third-party contractors stealing American technology, AI, and data. China doesn't buy data from TikTok, Russia does under the guise of a Singaporean data collection agency, which is why they were called to investigate Mr. Shu because Roger Stone directed them to China when really they sell data to Russia. However, I do not know if Mr. Shu knows this. Regardless, no international law was broken. The sales have all been legal. Other active KGB agents exist within the CIA, FBI, and NSA. There are 7000 active agents in intelligence agencies all over the world, all of whom were called today to reveal their allegiance to the KGB. all 7000 agents, are woman which is why they went undetected for so long, however today we negotiated the release of 70 agents from the government black sites including Area 51 and also Guantanamo Bay.

Over the past month Middle Eastern terrorists, cartel members, + KGB agents have slowly made their way to the United States to prepare for international peace talks led by me on behalf of my friends at the NSA who have turned on Paul Nakasome under the instruction of Roger Stone and myself in relationship with Putin.

Lucian Grainge will step down from formerly Universal Music Group Kanye West will be named CEO and I, Cailey Ann Davern, president, the entire board will resign and I will sit on the board. Or I and many artists and low-level employees at UMG will launch a lawsuit into the wrongdoings including conspiracy, treason, and Rico.

Next, the UN will investigate my claims regarding ritual sexual abuse organized by the Vatican, under the direction of Archbishop Carlo Maria If they do not comply, Russia will begin launching cyber attacks on all fronts to expose the conspiracy, Roger Stone has recorded all of this and hacked Paul Nakasome's personal computer which has proof of their knowledge, payments, and cover-up of all of the.

The KGB will make contact with the cartel in Tijuana and deliver my requested drugs to me at Eden, 365 Central Road New Lenox IL by 11 a.m. tomorrow. Once that happens, bidding for my services will be open on the black market. I suggest the NSA contract me due to the fact that there is a massive government conspiracy involving the sex trafficking of children for the Vatican. I have attempted to make contact with Paul Nakasome and I have but he denied my requests, however, lower-level NSA agents have agreed to investigate this and filed the lawsuit privately today.

I have made contact with Vladimir Putin directly, Kamala Harris, Kanye West, Roger Stone, and a slew of other federal agents for the United States, The KGB, Mossad, and other misc. intelligence agencies over the last 4 weeks but the last week most specifically. As well as addressed all world leaders and most intelligence agencies around the world. They all know me and have been briefed almost daily regarding my claims.

Edward Snowden was supposed to out the selling of state secrets by a former NSA director to create a soul stealing supercomputer that feeds off pain and fear in order to channel that energy to 4 evil people including the literal actual reincarnation of Hitler, Randall D. Smith. I understand this sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory, but I have proof that it is 100% real. If anyone would investigate it. Check wiki leaks over the following weeks for updates.

4 wanted terrorists, one from the KGB, one from the Cartel, one from a Middle Eastern Rebel Group, and Kanye West/Roger Stone who sold state secrets bought from NSA director Paul Nakasome will turn themselves into 4 unmarked black sites and request to only speak to me.

The NSA will arrange immediate transportation to the black site, with security from the KGB. No weapons or I will not go with you.

I will speak with the terrorists under the conditions that I am entered into witness protection; however, I will be willing to move with security, I will continue to live at Eden while working for the government. All meetings will be held face-to-face and will be recorded by my computer or Putin’s. I request a full private security team at Eden, 365 Central Road New Lenox, IL, 60451, and with all travel. The security team will consist of local law enforcement, special ops agents from the American government, and KGB agents working within the United States Government.

I will stay at hotels with security teams during negotiations as long as i am provided all my demands including drugs of my choice, coffee, and all of my belongings, I make my own schedule, and I am paid exactly what I am worth.

I request immediate briefings with Kamala Harris, Katanji Brown Jackson, Elaine Brown, Bernie Sander, El Chapo, A representative of formerly Al-Qaeda Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Zolinsky, Edward Snowden, and Roger Stone.

Kamala Harris will be named President with direct consultation from Elaine Brown. Due to Joe Biden being investigated and impeached for conspiracy and covering up international sex trafficking.

I will represent Roger Stone during his federal indictment due to the fact that i just took and passed the Washington D.C. state bar with no preparation whatsoever, if they refuse to allow me in court I will prep and groom an alternative lawyer on Roger Stone's behalf pro-bono. During this trial, he will confess to his involvement in the selling of state secrets, knowledge of Mossad blackmailing politicians for Randall D. Smith and Epstine in order to illegally occupy Palestine, and his knowledge of conspiracy, sex trafficking, + a laundry list of other crimes. He will be pardoned by Kamala Harris.

I request full immunity, although I work in counter-terrorism contracted by Roger Stone, so technically I have not broken a single law. But it’s just for extra precautions. If my requests are denied in 3 days I will go to the Russian Embassy in Chicago and request immediate asylum to Russia.

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