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The LA-based artist, songwriter, and producer, Tim Atlas, shares his new five-track EP, QUOTA via Nettwerk Records. The third track on the EP "Water," is the standout of the release, as it's one of QUOTA's iciest cuts, with Atlas coming to terms with his own mental health. It finds the singer disconnected from the happiness of the world around him, evocatively describing his depression as both water that engulfs him and a monster circling beneath the surface. Wringing out every ounce of empathy in the track, Atlas has perfectly judged the glacial production, with sparkling yet skeletal synth and some neo-bluesy guitar picking away at his psyche.

"Throughout the last year, I've felt the full spectrum of emotions, feeling balanced in my life then unbalanced, bouncing back and forth," explains Atlas.

Not letting it disrupt his flow, Atlas has used this continuous tipping between light and dark, optimistic and pessimistic, to fuel the QUOTA EP. Having started the earliest seeds pre-pandemic, Atlas found himself forced to transplant his studio to his living room to keep working once the stay-at-home order took hold. Rather than limit him, he found it was freeing, and the result is a set of pristine modern pop songs that can't be pinned down to one genre or style. With a sound that can be traced back to the cerebral arrangements of Tame Impala, the timeless pop of The Gap Band, and the moody contemplation of Men I Trust, QUOTA finds a self-confessed introvert coming to terms with the added strains of a life in lockdown.

RIYLT: Toro y Moi, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Rex Orange County

Genre: R&B, Neo-Soul

Key Instrumentals: Keletal Synth and Neo-bluesy Guitar

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