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RELEASE RADAR: Punchy New Single "Cowboy" by Yeehaw

Brooklyn heavy noise rockers A Very Special Episode have released their sophomore single and music video for the song “Cowboy” off their highly-anticipated debut full-length, FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE.

“‘Cowboy’ tries to embody the swagger of every man who’s ever decided it was his job to swoop in to save someone who didn’t ask for or need it,” vocalist/bass player Kasey Heisler told BTR Today. “Sometimes it’s toxic, other times it’s pathetic, and we went and made a bop about it.” The digital single is accompanied by a B-Side, "Weather The Storm."

Heisler's vocal performance combined with the heavy fuzz guitar and meaty bass tone gives you a classic snarl of damn that's good. The composition balances well executed harmonies, vocals, with gritty, wet instrumentation complimenting the 'Toxic' lyrical content. Perfectly executed highs and lows of the song keeps the listeners energy on the edge of their seat, headbanging to themselves, creating a truly unique tune.

The music video sees the band playing in a dusty old attic, as viewed by a man through a mysterious View-Master toy you may remember from rummaging through your parent’s childhood belongings. It features actor/friend Jeffrey Star, and multiple dancing cutouts of fellow New York Music Scene occupants.

FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE will be released on October 22nd, 2021 via Hidden Home and EWEL Records.

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