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RELEASE RADAR: Maybe You Died by Mega Bog

RIYLT: Hand Habits,Buck Meek, and Cate le Bon

Mega Bog is the fluid musical moniker of songwriter Erin Elizabeth Birgy, a Pacific Northwestern rodeo child with an unmistakable laugh, who was allegedly cursed upon conception. She has spent the last ten years channeling, capturing, and releasing her unique bouquet of fragrant, sci-fi pop experiments with a handful of bicoastal collaborators. Mega Bog has visited a significant portion of the Western world, frequently looping the USA and Europe to sing in tiny art spaces and haunted historical theaters alike. The live concerts are known for their emotional unpredictability. Onstage, Erin’s current mood is amplified, for better or for worse; she is an honest and unflinching performer. Mega Bog will release her new album, Life, and Another, next Friday, July 23rd on Paradise of Bachelors. Today, she releases a new single/video, “Maybe You Died,” which follows three previously released tracks “Station to Station,” “Weight of the Earth, on Paper,” and “Crumb Back.”

“Maybe You Died” is tender and howling, Birgy’s voice sounding incantations over drifting guitar and piercing synth. The cinematic video, featuring a midnight scooter ride through Los Angeles and a sinister (though ambiguous) murder, was directed by Birgy using vintage VHS camcorder equipment. It features Birgy, Bog bandmate Zach Burba, and Louise Chicoine, who also shot the video together.

This song was an exercise in presence, looking around,” explains Birgy. “What do I see and feel? What I see and feel are influenced by everything I’ve experienced up until that point, making that point irrelevant as an individual, meaning my present is less about time and external, but more about accepting my perspective, the narrative that got me here, images or situations, triggers that hold you from moving forward or rushing past without reckoning, and learning to care for pains that are part of you.” Some images and aesthetics in the accompanying video have always been a part of “Erin’s world”—in her words, “ dark, leathered, supernatural, horny, evil.” Birgy adds: “The many faces and intentions of a demonic time lapse, and the shock of what I’m capable of.

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