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Release Radar: Mandy, Indiana Release “Alien 3” (Daniel Avery Remix)

Mandy, Indiana (FKA Gary, Indiana) is a Manchester, UK-based trio who combine elements of post-punk, noise, and electronics, emphasizing raw energy and emotion over meticulous composition to create a singular cathartic experience. Earlier this year, they released "Alien 3”via Fire Talk Records. “It begins with a marching band-style beat that intensifies as it progresses, providing an ominous backdrop for frontperson Valentine Caulfield's dissociated vocals. Delivered in her native French, Caulfield adds an extra layer of texture to the band's gnarly sound” (FADER). Today, they present Daniel Avery’s club-ready “Alien 3” remix. “We were overwhelmed to learn that Daniel was a fan of 'Alien 3',” says the band. “His music is so unique and inspiring so to have him reinterpret this track was such a joy!"

"A friend told me I should check out Mandy, Indiana - said they were one of the most exciting new bands around and that they would tick all my boxes. Turns out he was right,” adds Daniel Avery. “The band asked if I wanted to try reworking something for the club and I immediately had a feeling something big would come out of it. Turns out I was right.

Mandy, Indiana’s founding members Scott Fair (guitar / production) and Valentine Caulfield (vocals) met through Manchester’s thriving DIY music scene before recently enlisting drummer and percussionist Liam Stewart (percussion). The band create pop music with brutality anchored by the punk poetry style of Caulfield's vocal delivery. Their music ranges from the warping techno of “Alien 3” to the industrial noise of Nike of Samothrace,” songs disparate in nature, but connected by an explosiveness.

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