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DEHD Presents “Loner Protomartyr Remix

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Next Friday, September 17th, Chicago indie-rock outfit Dehd will release Flower of Devotion Remixed, a reimagination of their “undeniably great” (Vice) sophomore album, via Fire Talk Records. Today, they share “Loner - Protomartyr Remix,” a sparse and percussive reimagining of their 2020 breakout hit. “Loner - Protomartyr Remix” follows collaborations with fellow Chicagoans Lala Lala and Physical Medium. With help from Protomartyr, Dehd transform “Loner” into a hypnotic scorcher, amplifying the ingredients that made the track into an instant classic.

“I have a suspicion that this is the most badass a Dehd song will ever sound simply because Protomartyr are so badass,” says Dehd’s Jason Balla. “They have a way of making gloomy optimism and ‘Loner’ is swimming in it. I got to tour with them a few years back and their live performances have really left an impression on me. I think it was also on this fated tour that our tour manager introduced me to the music of Detroit house producer Moodymann, which has been a big inspiration to me and to the idea of making this remix record.”

Flower of Devotion Remixed sees Dehd surrounded by a myriad of close collaborators (Freak Heat Waves, Miranda Winters of Melkbelly, Lionlimband more). It points a shining spotlight on the Chicago music scene the band still calls home, staying true to the trio’s earnest melodies while creating an amorphous blend of experimentation in mutated indie pop that feels like a personal mixtape for the friends that know them best.

This fall, the band will tour across North America, including a hometown appearance at Pitchfork Music Festival with an adjacent sold-out aftershow. Following, they’ll support Julien Baker on a slew of tour dates. A full list of dates is below - tickets are on sale now and moving quickly!

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