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Release Radar: Brijean Releases Feelings Remixes EP on Ghostly International

Brijean - the Oakland-based duo of Brijean Murphy and Doug Stuart - releases their Feelings Remixes EP on Ghostly International. They’ve also shared a visualizer for the new single, Day Dreaming (Rick Wade Remix).” The pair’s deep roots in jazz, pop, electronic and Latin spheres inform the music they make as Brijean, and these influences are reflected in the diverse group of remixers they tapped for this project. The Feelings Remixes EP extends the relaxed reverie of Feelings with contributions from Sam Gendel, Buscabulla, DRAMA, and Detroit underground deep house legend Rick Wade, who brings "Day Dreaming" out of the haze, landing it squarely on the dance floor. Drums punch throughout, with feathery pads and Murphy's airy croon floating above the kick-heavy mix; a joyous, celestial edit.

“I definitely had fun creating this remix. The vocals lent themselves perfectly for my brand of Deep House,” says Rick Wade. Brijean adds: “ So honored that the Detroit legend Rick Wade has remixed our song ‘Day Dreaming!’ We are massive fans. Prepare for a longform cardio dance floor moment!"

Rhythm is the driving force of Feelings; each featured remix plays with that force, adding, subtracting, and altering percussive elements to build a range of sonic environments — true to Brijean's mission of encouraging uninhibited imagination and new possibilities.

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