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PREMIERE: Synth-Pop Artist Born Days Processes Trauma Through Creation With Single 'My Little Dark'

"Born Days is the conceptual darkwave synth-pop project from Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter, and producer Melissa Harris. Her first full-length album My Little Dark is set to release on October 6, 2023, through AudioSport Records. You can pre-order the record in all formats on Harris’s Bandcamp today.

With a captivating blend of vulnerability and introspection, My Little Dark emerges as a concept album that delves into the depths of the human psyche. Channeling influences from literary figures like Sylvia Plath and Dr. Seuss, it unravels a cosmic yet relatable narrative of self-discovery. Mellisa Harris masterfully interweaves haunting vocals with lush synth-driven compositions, creating a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that transcends traditional genre boundaries. This album serves as a bold departure from conventional norms, challenging the notion that music must adhere to a specific formula or theme. In embracing her own artistic vision, Harris explores nuanced aspects of love, letting go of ego, and questioning the profound notions that encompass our daily existence. In doing so, she provokes introspection and invites listeners to grapple with the complexities of the human experience, ultimately leaving an indelible impression on the spirit.

With an amalgamation of alternative, darkwave, dream-pop, and goth influences, Melissa Harris crafts an immersive sonic journey that transports listeners to ethereal realms. Drawing from a diverse range of genres such as grunge, post-punk, neo-psychedelia, shoegaze, and modern pop, My Little Dark effortlessly fuses haunting melodies with introspective lyricism. Harris’s delicate vocals serve as a conduit for deeply personal stories rooted in her struggles with mental health and traumatic experiences. The resulting tracks are a bewitching tapestry of nostalgia and longing, evocative of a bygone era tinged with a profound sense of beauty. Each composition, drenched in otherworldly textures and ethereal hues, carries an eerie yet enchanting quality that captivates the listener from start to finish. Through the medium of her music, Harris yearns to transcend societal expectations and forge her own path, unafraid to embrace vulnerability and explore uncharted sonic territories. My Little Dark is not merely an album, but a vivid invitation to escape the constraints of reality and venture into the enigmatic depths of Harris’s sonic universe.

My Little Dark is the culmination of Harris' artistic evolution, a testament to her unwavering commitment to self-discovery and emotional catharsis. Under her moniker, Born Days, she ventures into the realm of experimental music as a means of navigating her own traumas, seeking solace in the recalibration of her memories. With profound introspection, Harris delves into the dark recesses of her psyche, unearthing the transformative power hidden within her personal experiences. Through her vulnerable and hauntingly beautiful melodies, she hopes to forge connections with others who have tread similar tumultuous paths, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey. Harris' relentless pursuit of healing extends beyond her own well-being; she actively strives to provide a beacon of empathy and solace for others who may have endured their own share of chaos and despair. Recognized for her talent and craftsmanship, Harris has graced the stage of acclaimed music festivals and shared billings with notable artists within the global music community. With My Little Dark, she offers an intensely personal yet universally resonant experience, inviting listeners to confront their own shadows and emerge stronger, transformed, and ready to embrace the pure essence of their being.

As Harris delved into her personal struggles, her agoraphobia, and anxiety became an inseparable part of her creative journey. The confinement of her small apartment in Chicago forced her to adapt her recording process, uncovering an unexpected sensitivity to the city's sounds. In the midst of this turmoil, she recognized the profound impact of her music and its potential for healing. Harris yearned to connect with like-minded individuals, hoping that her deeply introspective and emotive music could resonate with those who felt like outsiders. With her unfiltered honesty and acknowledgment of the darkness within her thoughts, Harris invites listeners to confront their own vulnerabilities and find solace in the shared intricacies of the human experience. Through her art, she challenges the conventions of societal expectations and champions the power of self-expression as a means of personal growth. On her process, Melissa said, “Every time I feel bad or scared of unveiling this extremely private side of my life, I remember that I am a creative machine and that a human's main purpose on this earth is to be creative and find that inner knowing.”

Driven by an unyielding determination, Harris embarked on a cross-country journey, honing her craft in the most unlikely of places. From the vast canyons of Arizona to the confines of her own home studio in Illinois, she meticulously crafted My Little Dark, assuming the roles of writer, producer, singer, and instrumentalist. This existentialist love album is an intimate ode to the ghosts and shadows that dwell within the recesses of our minds, a poignant reminder of the resilience and fortitude that lie deep within us all. The first single, "My Little Dark," acts as a sublime fusion of visuals and music, their intertwining nature serving as the vessel to convey Harris' profound message. It unravels the story of her tumultuous childhood, colored by domestic violence and emotional abuse, instilling a sense of generational trauma that she was determined to dismantle. Through this tender and evocative song, Harris adopts the narrative voice of her younger self, a conduit to rediscover the unadulterated innocence and boundless compassion that once defined her. Despite the hardship that surrounded her, she pours forth with a relentless pursuit of healing, reconciling past pain and illuminating a pathway forward. My Little Dark is not just an album; it represents a transformative journey, one that has propelled Harris to reclaim her true identity, transcend societal judgment, and embrace her authentic self."

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