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Portland-based duo Picante wrote soul single 'Strawberries and Cream' after listening to Steely Dan'

Portland-based duo Picante released their new single "Strawberries and Cream," which they started writing after listening to Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" and making a smoothie. Remezcla shared it, writing, "Channeling Memphis soul and filtered through a contemporary sound production, [Mia] Lentz croons like a modern-day Sarah Vaughan about that intoxicating moment you become so smitten you paw at heartstrings too soon."Picante began after Mia Lentz (she/her) and Zac Bron (he/him or they/them) met in Chicago three years ago, and they've been a couple for about half that time. Like a lot of couples, Mia and Zac balance each other out, but they also bring this balance to the music they write. Lentz takes on vocals and songwriting while Bron fills in her vision with instruments and production in their home studio, with either of them starting a song idea or finishing the other's ideas. In this song, they wanted to capture that slow, somewhat sensual energy of "Dirty Work." Bron built the instrumentals while Lentz wrote from the perspective of someone saying too much too soon when falling in love.

While the two specialize in soul with a splash of funk — and Lentz was recently featured on George Arthur Calendar's colorful synth-funk album Paradox — Bron brings a touch of dreaminess too, as they played in psychedelic rock band Daydream Review prior to the pandemic and also writes homebrew synth-pop as Smooth Rodgers (fka Breether). Impressively, Lentz and Bron wrote, recorded, and mixed this song from the comfort of their apartment. Their friend Jose Guadalupe Flores added sax to the track, who also played on Picante's single “In The Kitchen”, and John Micensky mastered the single. "Strawberries and Cream" is the second single off of their forthcoming 2021 album, Up All Night.

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