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Pop-Rock Artist Mardez Unveils His Vibrant and Groove-Laden Debut Album ‘Been There Before’

Emerging Pop-Rock artist Mardez has unveiled his debut full length album ‘Been There Before’, led by the spectacular title track. With his incredibly distinctive blend of traditional Rock ‘N’ Roll riffs, Soul vocals, and Funk fuelled grooves, Mardez has crafted an eclectic collection of tracks.Consisting of 10 vibrant and groove-laden tracks, ‘Been There Before’, and its title track, leads the way for this emerging artist. Tinged with subtle pop sensibilities, “Been There Before” is an alternative anthem fueled by latin rhythms, funk riffs and Mardez’s alluring vocals, all culminating in a deeply captivating and idiosyncratic soundscape. Filled to the brim with a rebellious attitude that hails to the Psychedelic Rock scene of the 60s, Mardez manages to pay homage to the past while remaining entirely fresh and unique.

Sharing his thoughts on title track “Been There Before”, Mardez divulged:

“The track's name and content represent the fact of being in constant life changing situations, both good and bad, and knowing how to react because I’ve been there before. That reference also speaks to the fact that most of these songs have been written and performed for years, though never recorded. They've also ‘been there before’.”

Having gained his performance chops playing Blues groups across Dallas, Texas, Mardez then moved to Austin to attend The University of Texas and play music professionally. Mardez acquired multiple residences in Austin and toured central Texas consistently through until the release of his debut single in 2019 with “Live on a Cloud”. Since going on to play countless shows all across America, Mardez has utilised his upbeat and energetic brand of Funk infused Rock ‘N’ Roll to the far reaches of the country he calls home.

Breathing new life into an established and well-loved genre, Mardez is proving himself to me one of the most hardworking emerging artists around.

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