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Cover art by Cailey Davern

24 songs to inspire passion, energy, assertiveness, creativity, new beginnings, motivation, and owning your power this Aries season

Aries SZN Track list:

1. Not Ashamed by Bully

2. I Used To Hate My Tidy But Now I Just Hate You by Fenne Lily

3. Soy un Triste Payaso by Pure Intruders

4. Think Twice by Hotel Fiction

5. Destroyer by Waltzer

6. THC by Melkbelly

7. I Don’t Need You by Starcrawler

8. Mine by Ohmme

9. Make Kin by Nightshift

10. Fire by Black Honey

11. Hurt A Fly by Squirrel Flower

12. Really Do Care by V.V. Lightbody

13. New Long Leg by Dry Cleaning

14. Save My Soul by ShitKid

15. There’s a Ghost by Superchunk

16. Martyrdom by Drama Moth

17. This Feeling Is Disgusting by Mourn

18. Hotel Celebrity by Pet Cemetery

19. SuperNatural Possession by Laura Jane Gracw

20. Man from the Magazine by HAIM

21. Fine Forever by Varisty

22. Sunshine in the Shadow by drea the vibe dealer

23. Talk Yourself Out by Sports Boyfriend

24. The Cherry Song by Mia Pucci

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