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Berlin-based Electronic Musician Perila Releases New Single, 'Memories of Grass'

Perila, the moniker of Berlin-based electronic musician Aleksandra Zakharenko, releases a new single, “Memories of Grass,” from her debut album, How Much Time it is Between You and Me?, out next Friday, June 25th on Smalltown Supersound. Following lead single “Fallin Into Space,” “Memories of Grass” walks the line between blissful and eerie as it ebbs with atmospheric synth and Zakharenko’s spectral vocals. “Memories of Grass’ was inspired by morning thoughts about the wisdom that nature carries and brings to us throughout the centuries. She was here before us and will stay after us and we should remember that,” says Zakharenko.

Raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, Zakharenko has been involved with music since her childhood, spending time as both a drummer and singer in local bands. Zakharenko moved to Berlin six years ago, finding her place almost immediately at Berlin Community Radio. Regular work with expressionistic field recordings and electronic sound research eventually led Zakharenko to develop her own podcast series, WET (Weird Erotic Tension), combining her evocative, atmospheric music with erotic spoken word poetry. She also co-founded, one of the first online stations in Russia focusing on experimental sounds.

Her debut full-length, How Much Time it is Between You and Me?, is a self-described “immersive experience into self” that was inspired by the concept of time which Zakharenko felt keenly during the pandemic. Recorded primarily during September 2020 in a rural village in France, Zakharenko was surrounded by mountains, alone with no internet. Her perception of time differed immensely and everyday sounds usually ignored felt amplified. While her music has always dealt in honesty and intimacy – be it the private thrills of WET or the audible closeness of our surroundings – the organic response and consistent feedback she gets for Perila made Zakharenko recognize a longing for it in today’s world.

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