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War is Fought In the Minds of Men and Ideas like Virus's Spread but Once You See Them It's Too Late

Updated: Aug 27

Disclaimer as advised by my local police department is aware of and fully supports this project: Remember this a story and it's all performance art but it's all true and I'm a miracle and a creative/evil genius except that's not possible because I'm just a bipolar, lying, crazy, manipulative woman right? I am not a danger to myself or anyone else and never will be.

I’ll tell you all a completely and totally made-up story, I'm that narrator but again this is completely and totally untrue and I, Cailey Davern, am nothing but a storyteller, a soothsayer or sorts, a seer. But is a writer apparently by trade. This is all an imaginary completely made-up story from the mind of my own creation with no real truth in it. I'll also say now that despite what you may have heard about me, I'm not crazy well I am 100% but I'm not insane. Well, I'll encourage you to simply read my story, watch my video, and listen to the podcast, and that should be enough information for the time being to make your own informed decision about me. You know what I know, one thing about me, I believe in full transparency. On top of that, i encourage anyone to verify any claims with anyone they ID in the story or who reveals themself as someone who knew me in any way at any time. Also, I am taking my medicine as prescribed under the guidance of a psychiatrist, a therapist, and my parents. I have also been consulted to see a priest and a holy woman and two spirits [or something like that] of the Church who allowed me to photograph them all are detailed in the following. I am also not in any way shape or form a danger to myself or anyone else despite what anyone may or may not claim completely unreal story that I made up because I'm angry, spiteful, and delusional. Honestly, it's probably better we all tell ourselves that, right? Also, sit back and enjoy the music, there's a message in everything. That's totally made up and not real obviously. You might not like me, you might not listen, you might believe but you're going to know my name and my story. I promise you that much. I also don't endorse the context of the life of every artist or person associated with me or who I include in whatever this ends up being, however, I will say my word is law. Again, this is all for the sake of the story. Right?

An artist who recently had a deep impact on me was Noah Kahan. Stick Season I think is such a fantastic album for so many different reasons. One song that particularly spoke to me was Call Your Mom, something people may or may not know about me is that on December 16th, 2022 I tried to kill myself I was touched by death once and now I see. Hear my testimony brothers and sisters, kidding well mostly. I tried to kill myself because I thought I was evil because I made someone cry because they didn’t understand what i was saying or maybe I didn’t communicate clearly enough or maybe both and I just lost it and left music and didn't leave my house for two years blah blah blah details details details, well you know what they say the devil is in the details maybe because 'God' as we understand it is the bigger picture? Anyways, back to my suicide attempt haha are you uncomfortable? Good because this is just the start. People need to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. For some reason, people always treated me like I was literally evil and when you hear or more so feel the same thing enough times you start to believe it there’s some truth to it and maybe there was, that’s for you to decide. One thing I know about people is that sometimes people’s silence says more than their actions and their actions say more than their words. In order to see the truth you have to have a really solid foundation, I’ll tell you something insane the he-devil sociopath told me I had two distinct parts of my brain or personalities or polarities I needed to integrate. What's interesting is that I, in different words, had told my therapist the same thing on two different occasions in different words. I had experienced perhaps a 'merge' or something really similar to what just happened once two years prior so when it happened again I knew what to expect and I just knew I needed to ride it out. But here’s the thing crazy walks among us but when people look away nothing changes. Luckily I somehow figured out a loophole in the system, I mean that in terms of my brain, my art, and life in general. Idk i guess that's just how I see it. But something happened in that moment like it just all came together and I see clearly now and I genuinely cannot explain it but I feel like the only way to prove what's happening is if I show people and really "live my art" the way I've claimed in the past. That's the annoying thing about me, everything is always soooo literal. But back to Satan incarnate I'm not sure if he was trying to make me think I was insane, if I actually am insane, but somehow within all the bullshit something aligned exactly the right way. However, the awareness I gained because he had convinced me fully that I was “Chosen” because I was naive and delusional in a lot of ways I still am, obviously. But that delusion I guess gave me something to hold onto when the breakdown happened. I clearly remember laying on the couch saying over and over this was designed to break you just relax and ride it out the next day I literally went insane with the crazy email I apparently sent and have like a vague memory of but I didn’t understand why the same way I do. Maybe I’m crazy I think I am in a lot of ways, but I'm definitely not evil. I know two things, seeing is believing, and literally no one ever believes me. Another thing you should know about me is that I’m always open to testing a theory and I have a lot of insane theories. At this moment my working theory is that whatever happened gave birth to literally the answer like THE answer to a lot of things I'm not even sure I fully understand yet but like I always- well always as of latley say it's just feeling. I'll tell you who I think I am, I think with a lot of pain who somehow someway figured out something and experienced something unexplainable and literally documented the entire thing, which honestly to me is the shadiest thing about it but genuinely ask around I've told people I do this and why far before any of this happened. Honestly, I'll be impressed if anyone accuses me of somehow being able to lie about all this, I spend a lot of time explaining myself and I don't know trust me, or don't say what you want either way it doesn't matter at all to me. Also, I want everyone to know one thing, I work alone. If you find me or contact me maybe I'll talk to you. I'm open to speaking to anyone with an open heart and an open mind and you better be able to back up your claim. I am a living legend, in a way I really don't think I care to even think about at this moment. i think the delusional part of me believes i lived a life worth writing about, talking about, and believing in, I experienced some weird mind fuck manipulation that somehow turned into like a totally insane but potentially very important idea did it come from inside or outside of me? Do you tell me? And honestly, either possibility is equally terrifying, isn't it? Something genius, luck, fate, god, something greater? Who knows? Somehow, in some way, I experienced what I can only describe as a miracle. With all of this, I think I accidentally declared a spiritual war, a war on the patriarchy, and with that all established norms and systems because I am the key to something that no one else is going to be able to explain. Honestly, I think i make a very convincing and likable enough character to play the lead in this story I am corny and embarrassing and I don't know if i'm very human. Unfortunately, I really don't have a choice. In order for me to not go completely insane I have to write this all down and I need someone literally anyone to believe me. I'm not crazy and I'm not evil but also this really doesn't make literally any sense. However, I'll give you conspiracy theorists in the crowd a clue, more like an answer to a question you didn't even know because they distorted the phrases and truth just to lead people away from the light. The Snake the Sword, and The Shield, the secret is to wield the truth as a sword, but the Shield is knowing that true power is holding the sword and always choosing not to strike. Ask your Pope, your fathers, and your priests about that because I promise you not a man alive is truly a man of God. Another hint may be honestly I'm not sure I just think it's interesting: Source:

The Rod of Asclepius takes its name from the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicinal arts in ancient Greek religion and mythology. Asclepius' attributes, the snake and the staff, sometimes depicted separately in antiquity, are combined in this symbol

Also to anyone who claims I'm in cahoots with other people or anything like this because I can more than promise you that everyone attached to me is an unwilling participant or more of a witness to something, I don't know what, but I believe it matters. People might say I'm seeking attention and I want to state clearly for the record that that is 100% true holy fuck I cannot handle this alone are you kidding me? I don't want money or fame or success literally none of that matters all I want is to understand and I have a feeling my writing and whatever I do next is just part of that process I invite other people to be a part of this with me but no one is going to understand, however, all I ask is that you listen and if you see something I don't I turn down a lead. I always say, if it's in my head it's for a reason I believe the same about everyone else. The messages were literally there and no one could connect the dots, I think that's what I'm here for. Also, to state what I think happened explicitly, I truly believe I had some sort of psychotic break and I was healed legitimately like something really cool is happening and I'm going to prove it also my god has a message or a more like keys to a map and the map is my brain but it has answers to things I don't fully understand however I know I'm not afraid and I also know I really really really mean it when I say I am whatever you think I am. Hopefully, definitely, delusionally, I fully believe with the help of strangers and a little belief that sometimes things happen we can't explain but whatever you believe I think you're probably going to be interested in what I have to say. I'll likely say what I know about what's happening to me and any dots I connect. I honestly think this partially may be related to the fact that I really really really was looking for ways to make things better for people but everywhere I went no matter the context people fought me because it's easier to look away than to face reality, the devil taught me that. Unfortunately, I guess I think the reality here is that there is an answer and it's me because my god is sending a message that cannot be ignored and launching a war on all three fronts, spiritual, emotional, and physical. But like I've said, most of the war is fought in the minds of men and many will whisper a piece of my truth claiming my divinity, I challenge them because I see what no man see's. The. truth. My forehead and honestly back of my head are literally buzzing right now, my fingers feel like they're typing on their own, and the words just kinda flow out of me. I cannot unclench my teeth I'm not sure why or if that matters at all. I'm listening to good music specifically Fingers of Steel by Shame at this moment. Speaking of Shame I photographed them in 2019 at The Empty Bottle with Disq and someone else I can't remember but they were fantastic. Also, I was invited by one of the guys in the band to some random NYE party with a bunch of people in Chicago music after one of the girlfriends of one of the guys in the Chicago band The Roof Dogs showed him one of my photos that I took of Amyl and the Sniffers, but back to the NYE party, there were a bunch of people who clearly did not want me nor understand how I even got there, honestly I was just like lucky? If your into hanging out with a bunch of ego-maniacs in some guys living room? I was too stupid to realize at the time how shitty people were being like to my face because I was so stupidly, embarrassingly, and blindly trusting of people and honestly didn't have a lot of context to things I just always kinda thought of things differently. You'll probably notice how my perspective evolves the more I talk about things, I might tell a joke but I never tell a lie. I really need people to understand I only know what I know. This is kinda a boy cries wolf moment, I constantly say no one believes me well I guess now we'll have to test that theory. Anyways, I'm thinking as of right now I'll upload posts, videos, podcast episodes, music, and pictures along the way. That's kinda all that makes sense to say right now though. That’s all for now friends! Talk soon!

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