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On the rise: The Roof Dog's release techno remix of their garage rock single Six Blocks

Chicago's The Roof Dogs have been staying creative at home, including having the mysterious remix artist RP Shew transform their garage rock tune "Six Blocks" into a techno single.

The Roof Dogs wanted to move to Chicago after playing their worst show on tour here. While they played one of those weekday night shows to hardly anyone, they quickly fell in love in the city after spending time at restaurants, bars, and venues during their off time on tour. Since moving here from Columbus, Ohio in 2019, the band has embraced the big city’s faster pace and also an affinity for garage rock and post-punk. After touring on and off for years, they’ve since blended together elements from post-punk, garage rock, and Americana while trying to capture the energy of playing live. Their songs take on the structure of rock songs but the execution is more artful, filling in the gaps with synthesizers, yelps, or guitar feedback, like on their 2019 single “Six Blocks.”

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