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On the Rise: NY singer-songwriter Gem Chantelle reveals iconic new pop release 'Long Way Down'

New Rochelle, NY singer-songwriter Gem Chantelle returns with latest offering ‘Long Way Down’. Able to quickly steal your attention and find a place permanently on your playlist, Gem’s new single is best described as electrifying. A rich pop number that combines Gem’s signature sound of dream melodies and honest lyrics convey the pop track has a big guitar influence throughout. Since graduating from high school in 2019, Gem has pursued music full-time and traveled to Los Angeles to work with producers Dave Berg and Michael McEachern. The young artist has also collaborated with Raleigh (the VAMP) and Mher Fillian. Combining pop productions and creating a strong fanbase, this has resulted in Gem Chantelle reach 500,000 + streams on Spotify.

Speaking about the release, Gem Chantelle explains, “I wrote ‘Long Way Down’ about a relationship where the person was there for me physically, but not emotionally. It was easy to lose sight of that fact when you get caught up in the passion. That’s what inspired me to write this track”.

Armed with distinctive vocals and a cinematic production,’ Long Way Down’ is a breathtaking single bound to leave you wanting more from your new favourite pop artist. Influenced by the likes of Ariana Grande, James Blake, Rihanna, Camila Cabello, Blondie and Sabrina Claudio to name a few, Gem Chantelle’s vocals are instantly recognisable.

Always destined to be a part of the music industry, Gem shares, “I love making music. There’s no better feeling to me than writing a song that perfectly captures what I’m feeling.”

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