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Artists to Watch: Barcelona's Psych-Rock group The Zephyr Bones unveil latest single 'Verneda Light'

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The Zephyr Bones released their latest track, "Verneda Lights". This news comes in tandem with the tracklisting and release details for their second album, Neon Body which is out via La Castanya on October 22, 2021. It arrives produced by Brian Silva and Santi Garcia with the album artwork (revealed today) designed by the Portuguese illustrator/artist, Bráulio Amado who runs NYC's BAD Studio, has illustrated for The New York Times, and works as one of the main artwork designers for Frank Ocean and Róisín Murphy. This new track follows on from the Remezcla, Earmilk and Beats Per Minute-tipped single, "No One" which was released in June.

The new album finds the four-piece, made up of Silva (vocals, guitar and synthesizers), Jossip Tkalcic (guitar and vocals), Marc López (drums), and Carlos Ramos (bass), exploring ideas centered around love, self-affirmation, loss, and hope. Musically, it finds the group tapping into their "beach wave" aesthetic once more, a style of music that they helped nurture alongside a few other groups in Barcelona back in 2017. It is sound and approach to music gravitated around spangled psych-rock reminiscent of the radiant, sunkissed environments that surround the scene.

With this second single, "Verneda Lights" which premiered via Under the Radar, the band draws on incandescent guitar lines, glimmering synth and a driving rhythm section to further hone their take on off-center psych-rock. Speaking about the new track, Silva says: "La Verneda is a neighborhood of Barcelona with a certain special light. This song tells the story of an autumnal and lysergic romance. From a cinematic point of view, you get the feeling of sneaking into a party in which the two protagonists dance to the Verneda Lights’ guitar riff." The Zephyr Bones formed when Silva, Tkalcic, López and Ramos met in Barcelona after the former two names arrived from their home country of Chile.

In 2015 they released their debut EP, Wishes/Fishes via La Castanya. That first release was then followed by the seven-inch "Black Lips b/w Surrounded by Sunflowers" released by La Castanya and the New York label Other Music Recording Co. Their debut album, Secret Place – a psychedelia and dream pop hybrid – took them on a tour around the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, playing on all types of stages. Neon Body, their second album, expands their sound by exploring the fusion between humanity and machines.

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