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NWO, Illuminati, Child Trafficking Explained WITH PROOF by Kanye West, Roger Stone, + Cailey Davern

Kanye West, Roger Stone, and Cailey Davern (me) are working together to expose the

NWO = Illuminati (Music Industry > Lucian Grainger> Universal Music Group > KILLED JUICE WRLD) tech sold to him by the National Security Director in the 80s and Edward Snowden was going to expose this! The current NSA Director Paul Nakasome knows this and is monitoring Lucian Granger on his personal encrypted computer which Roger Stone can hack/has access too Trafficking Ring > funded by Randall D. Smith and Altin Global > Epstein and Ghilsane Maxwell were hired by Mossad to blackmail politicians and worked with the CIA the ring was connected to the Catholic Church specifically the Vatican run by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Proof > Randall D. Smith 22 books dissecting the qualities of God, Spirit, and Jesus > 16 houses in Palm Spring> 7 minutes from Jeffery Epstine's mansion > bought out independent papers including the one that exposed Epstine > Investments also prove this (picture proof below)

Kanye West IS a master of his craft and literally, Jesus Christ reincarnated, I am unfortunately the first living ascension master and also immortal not by my own choice, and Roger Stone is the antichrist. All three of us were delivered prophecies about us by 3 different people.

Jesus was a Black man, God is a Woman, and the Anti-Christ is actually a decent guy. Covid was a distraction created by Randall, Lucian, and the Vatican to prevent the 3 of us from connecting and exposing all of this. It was REAL. People did die. But THEY DID create the virus and Roger Stone has proof of this because he paid Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, and Alex Jones to spread propoganda.

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