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News: Mas Aya shares Tiempo Ahora ft. Lido Pimienta off his upcoming album, Máscaras

Today, the Toronto-based producer, composer and percussionist, Mas Aya (aka Brandon Valdivia) is sharing his new single, "Tiempo Ahora" (feat. Lido Pimienta). This comes off the back of last month's New York Times, KCRW, Exclaim and NTS Radio-tipped track, "Momento Presente" arriving as the latest installment of Valdivia's forthcoming fourth album, Máscaras, out September 24 on Telephone Explosion Records.

The forthcoming album is anchored by Valdivia's deft and atmospheric production style, one that seamlessly webs together spiraling synths, balmy environments, and crisp drum programming. New single, "Tiempo Ahora" acts as a standout track, fleshing out the organic sound of the album with a collaboration with the GRAMMY Award-nominated and Polaris Prize-winning artist, Lido Pimienta who has previously found acclaim at Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR, Stereogum and more. Sampled Indian Basuri flutes feature here, stretched and treated alongside an unconventional time signature as Lido sings in Spanish about desires for happiness which she says now is time (Tiempo Ahora) to achieve.

Máscaras, Valdivia's fourth release since 2012, marks his debut with Telephone Explosion and first release on vinyl. It's easily his most colourful and expansive outing to date; nowhere else in his catalogue is the aforementioned collision of musical lineages and sonic discovery more evident. Like his alias, the album's title (Spanish for 'masks') embodies multiple significances. On one hand, it invokes the distinctive masks employed in both indigenous ceremonies and Nicaraguan resistance movements (referenced in Máscaras' artwork). On the other, it's descriptive of one of Valdivia's preferred compositional devices. In any given one of these pieces, the focal point remains in flux – concealed even – as its constituent ingredients dance their way in and out the foreground.

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