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New Indie-Pop Sensation Yoder Releases His Latest Single 'Work Baby'

Coming off his sophomore project, Kerblappy, featuring the notable single “Broken in Pieces”, Yoder’s new era introduces a more dreamy, vibrant soundscape while bringing along the playful off beat charm he carries throughout his work. “Work Baby”, the debut single marking this new era, is a sweet, quiet, indie-pop jam, providing a soundtrack for both cozy season and cuffing season. It marries the youthful indie pizzazz of Rex Orange County with the wholesome sentiment of Randy Newman in the best way.

Infusing genre-bending sounds with his unique and often humorous perspective on the world, it’s hard to put Yoder into one category. An indie-pop artist based out of NYC, Yoder’s music paints a wacky, zany picture while staying grounded in heartfelt emotion that gives his music a highly personal and intimate feel. With popular singles such as “Please Miss

O’Connor” and “Broken in Pieces”, Yoder showcases his mellow but spastic energy, ideal for

dancing maniacally through the suburbs or stoically crying on the subway (no in-between). He hopes you enjoy the works you hear and that you consider taking a multivitamin today.

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