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Neptune's Core Turns Pain Into Power With Latest Single 'Unloved'

Today, Chicago-based alternative indie rock band Neptune's Core share the stirring track "Unloved" out everywhere now along with its self-directed lyric video. The band's dynamic, layered EP Called Upon is due out August 25 via Side Hustle Records and is available to pre-order now. On "Unloved," the four-piece embraces a darker sound that aims to turn pain into power. Experience the new music with the band at the official EP release show live at Chicago's Metro on August 26 along with Motel Breakfast and OK Cool. The group will also play at Avrom Farm Party on August 5 in Green Lake, WI. Tickets are on sale now via

With a gradual build, rhythmic guitar strums, and explosive bridge, "Unloved," out today, achingly sinks into feelings of loneliness and heartache. Written mostly in one sitting, Sofie Richter (vocals/guitar), says writing the song allowed her to put words to difficult, complex emotions she was feeling. The pain culminates in a bridge filled with soaring vocals and crashing drums, a catharsis that is heard sonically and felt by all when played live. Lyrically intimate, it cuts so deeply that in the beginning, playing it live would bring her to tears, but now, feels empowering. Richter says, "The first couple times we played it live, I cried either post-show off stage or once even on stage. It’s a brutal song. And as difficult as it is to put myself out there and play it, it’s the most rewarding feeling. I can just release." Sister and bandmate Hannah Richter (bass) is so proud of her sister's ability to dig deep into her pain and come out the other side stronger. Echoing the raw emotion that pours out of the track, Hannah adds, "Every single time I hear this song my entire body goes tense from the emotion built into this–it shows so much bravery."

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