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Museum Of Love Shares 'Marching Orders' (Red Axes Remixes) New Album, Life Of Mammals, Out July 9th

Last month, Museum Of Love, the New York-based duo of Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany, released “Marching Orders,” a track from their forthcoming album Life Of Mammals out July 9th on Skint Records (with a vinyl release to follow October 12th). Today, they present a pair of “Marching Orders” remixes by Red Axes, the Tel Aviv based producers Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi. The two have taken the irresistible and relentless original and pulled and stretched it out for the dance floor, accentuating the driving rhythms and adding a hefty amount of tweaking acid for both killer vocal and dub mixes.

Life Of Mammals was mixed by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem/DFA) and features guest appearances from legendary saxophonist and Arthur Russell collaborator Peter Gordon (The Love of Life Orchestra) and Matt Shaw. The album has been previewed so far with “Marching Orders,” “Cluttered World,” and their “Cluttered World / Marching Orders (Remixed)” EP. Life Of Mammals is a dizzying swirl of chaotic art rock and metronomic dance music. If you’ve ever imagined what a band influenced by Scott Walker, John Cale, Jonathan Richman, dub, Robert Wyatt, post-punk and Krautrock might sound like, then you might finally have your answer - Museum Of Love. Weird, perhaps, but also enormous knockabout fun, at times approaching their song craft with the bombast of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the outlook of the Marx brothers and matched with the production knowledge of a Basic Channel record. A bewitching combination that rewards repeat listens, it’s doubtful anyone will release a more compelling and beguiling album this year.

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