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MisterWives share fervent 4th studio album 'Nosebleeds' out now

Today, New York City/Los Angeles-based alt-pop group MisterWives share their fervent, highly anticipated fourth studio album Nosebleeds out everywhere now. Alongside the full album, the band share focus tracks "Dagger" and "Sideways" out now. Plus, The Don't Look Down Tour with Bishop Briggs will set out across North America this fall beginning September 8 with tickets on sale now via

Nosebleeds, the highly anticipated fourth studio album by MisterWives out today, propels the group into all new territory, this time, equipped with bravery, confidence and strength. Through a decade-long career, of tremendous highs and lows, the forthcoming project meets the band at their most evolved as they turn their pain into power. Over ten compelling tracks, the band digs deeper than they ever have before, capturing the nuances of life's highs and lows and re-defining what it means to succeed and to fail.

Unafraid to fall apart, the album observes the band piece themselves back together, better than ever before. Now with a new MisterWives era here, lead singer Mandy Lee says, "'Nosebleeds' reclaims the vastness of our full emotional experience without censoring the gruesome truth of feeling beat down and kept high up from where you want to be. A liberating unlearning of silver linings that leans into the messy middle." Alongside a fresh sound, unflinching vulnerability and a palpable confidence, Lee continues, "The album is a homecoming to truth and freedom of self-expression and in doing so, we find ourselves in new territory both sonically and lyrically that unlocked our most raw, dynamic and empowering music yet."

One of the last songs recorded for the album, "Dagger" emerged when the album deadline had passed and just the right amount of pressure, lack of sleep and studio fever had set in. In the midst of hardship, "Dagger" provides a space to heal, to forgive and to move forward. Lee explains, "The track captures the duality of forgiving hard times while not rushing your healing." Referencing a lyric from the track that kept resurfacing in the last few years, Lee says, 'When it all goes wrong maybe it’s right' became a little mantra while in the trenches that would help reframe moments that felt like a loss and trusting I was gaining space for something better."

The upbeat, earworm "Sideways" out today, grapples with the moments between knowing it's time to leave a relationship and actually leaving. It's a moment that finally puts Lee in the driver's seat of her own life, reclaiming her autonomy and taking her power back. Lee explains the song captures "being at a crossroads of knowing it’s time to let someone go versus actually doing so–it can leave you 'Sideways' and this song is a reckoning of that in-between." The track not only confronts this difficult ambiguity, but offers a moment of respite with a captivating hook and bouncy production. Lee continues, "Writing 'Sideways' was that point of the album where a song about dissociating from toxic relationships as means to cope needed a dance break."

The previously shared offering, "Ultraviolet," shows a more vulnerable side of lead singer Mandy Lee as it closes the forthcoming fourteen track collection with a steady moment of reflection, one that grapples with comparison and encourages self-care and compassion. The idea for the song emerged after Lee came across a photo series by artist Debora Lombardi who photographed flowers under ultraviolet light. Lee explains, "These flowers became technicolor revealing fluorescent hues and glittering patterns that were only visible under UV when in complete darkness which made me think about how much light and beauty is uncovered in ourselves when we’ve been through the dark."

Describing the touching subject matter, Lee continues, "'Ultraviolet' is a delicate and intimate reflection of struggling with comparison, self deprecation, lack of embodiment and the awareness of wanting to break those lifelong unhealthy coping mechanisms that no longer serve who you want to be." Throughout the track, Lee learns to embrace her flaws and accept herself for who she is, gradually working towards self-empowerment and growth. "Much like the flowers, we all carry so much within ourselves that isn’t presented on the surface and I hope this song is a reminder to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves and each other."

The accompanying video, directed by frequent collaborator Matty Vogel, is a quiet moment of reflection set in the Santa Monica Mountains. It's simple, personal and intimate with just Vogel, Lee and a camera in the mountains. FLOOD Magazine, who debuted the video, says, "Matching the track’s gentle soundscape and compassionate lyrics is a visual directed by Matty Vogel, which sees Lee healing from the highly symbolic wounds depicted on the album’s cover." Vogel says, "This song in relation to the album is a moment of peace and reflection and recognition of the pain we all carry and we wanted to make sure the video felt the same way, without the trappings of trying to create something overly polished."

Rolling Stone premiered the band's booming title track and video from their empowering collection Nosebleeds. The publication called it their "best music yet." Expanding on the track's meaning, Mandy Lee shared, 'Nosebleeds' encompasses both meanings of the word–feeling high up and beat down–a response to the punches that leaned into the messy middle without fast forwarding to a silver lining. Learning along the way that the journey is both heavy and delicate, vulnerable and strong, betrayal and trust, ugly and beautiful." On the forthcoming album, the band opens up about their struggles, and what it takes to stick together after so many years. "Being a band for ten years and still standing despite the amount of times we’ve been dropped, a bandmate quitting during the pandemic, a divorce–the perfect storm for how bands historically fall apart–felt like a pretty big triumph and moment to allow ourselves to create our fourth record with no limitations and without feeling boxed into what others might expect from us."

"Nosebleeds" sees the band aim to let go of outside judgement and criticism and find a deep-rooted confidence on their own. Lee says, "Written during the pandemic and right in the thick of numerous sucker punches, 'Nosebleeds' was one of the first songs I wrote for the album before realizing it would later become the song to spark the overarching theme of the record. Being kept high up in the nosebleeds and on the outside of where you want to be has been a recurring dynamic in my life, especially in an industry that has profited off moving the goalpost or cutting ties if you don’t conform to how they see fit." The week of its release, the track became the second most added song to US Alternative radio and "Nosebleeds" is now the number one track on KYSR LA 98.7. All singles released from the album already have over 6M+ views across TikTok, Instagram + Youtube Shorts.

It was the creation of the track that unleashed newfound energy, freedom and creativity, leading to the powerful forthcoming project. Lee continues, "'Nosebleeds' was the first step in letting go of all the naysayers and letting in uninhibited acceptance of myself without outside approval. Not shying away from that radical feeling we matched the music in tone with distorted guitars, gritty synths and a pulsing beat that helped give my voice the confidence I needed to start this next chapter and to keep going."

The band's first taste of the triumphant project came with the unapologetic, anthemic track "Out Of Your Mind," which sees the band step out of their comfort zone, embrace uncomfortable feelings and take more artistic risks. They're choosing both "truth" and "dare." PAPER Magazine, who premiered the track, wrote, "MisterWives is stepping into a new era of punk, angst and fury with the release of their single "Out Of Your Mind," a bloodthirsty breakup diatribe...Mandy Lee's vicious hook...infuses the pop-punk track with head-banging messages of empowerment." Set in a rage room, the accompanying video was also directed by Vogel and sees lead singer Lee break free from the confines of harsh expectations and regain her artistic liberty. In celebration of the single's release, the band teamed up with Consequence to present a fan exclusive event at Rage Cage in Brooklyn, NY. Select fans who entered the contest were able to join the band to let out their anger, participate in a Q&A and even hear some unreleased snippets.Like their eager fans, Variety is ready for new MisterWives, writing, "MisterWives are entering a new era in their nearly decade-long career." Atwood Magazine lauded the band's relentless dedication to their craft and loyal fan base, "They have never wavered to fit into a mold, and they have always delivered a genuine and one-of-a-kind experience through their songs and the shows that go with them."

Finally, the new MisterWives era is here, this time, equipped with renewed energy, newfound creative freedom and glowing determination. The once technicolor days of the band are now drenched in the blackness of sacred anger, as they embrace their whole selves with their most self-assured release to date, the good, the band, the ugly and the angry. See MisterWives live with Bishop Briggs throughout North America on The Don't Look Down Tour beginning on September 8 in Nashville, TN. The tour will make its way through the East Coast including New York, NY on September 15 at Pier 17 and stop in Toronto, ON on September 19. The band will then move through the Midwest with a stop in Chicago, IL on September 22 and move West to Denver on October 1 with two Texas dates to follow. On October 10, MisterWives will play The Wiltern in Los Angeles, move through San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR and conclude in Seattle, WA on October 15. Get tickets now via

Nosebleeds, the fearless fourth studio album by MisterWives, is out everywhere now via Photo Finish Records. Don't miss MisterWives live throughout North America with Bishop Briggs on The Don't Look Down Tour with tickets on sale now here. Connect with MisterWives on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to stay up-to-date with all things MisterWives.

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