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Melbourne's Lhēon Unleashes Cinematically Intense EP Full Disclosure pt. 1

Updated: May 19, 2021

Melbourne-based artist, Lhēon, is back with her signature badass Neo-soul vibe in her latest track ‘stranger’ as part of her EP ‘Full Disclosure pt. I’. ‘stranger’ tells the tale of a twisted, industrial anti-romance; a song about longing - of the darkest kind; obsessive and deep. Lhēon’s powerful and sultry vocals are the hero to the track as rhythmic beats carry you and dark, eerie synths add a cinematic intensity to the track.

Lhēon is a forward-thinking artist with an uncanny knack of conjuring sounds-of-the

past into a delicate exploration of the future

and we hear every ounce of this in ‘Full Disclosure pt. I’. The EP in its entirety blends a melting pot of genres including Alt-pop R&B, and Soul to create her distinct sound. Listeners are in for a few surprises with tracks ranging from sultry and moody to funky and sweet.

Talking about the track and EP Lhēon said:

"This body of work has been a long time coming and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created. Through a great collaboration with my producer, Lee Bradshaw, I believe this work shows who I am as an artist, and paying homage to the old soul and blending it with the neo-soul that I love! 'stranger' is the black sheep of the EP and is something very different, and I love that. I think it’s gonna shock the people that have heard my earlier stuff - but in a good way! It was incredibly rewarding, testing my boundaries both vocally and with my writing in 'stranger'."

Lhēon songs are brutally honest - disclosing everything from family heartbreak, relationship struggles through to yearning of the most taboo type; Lhēon’s performance welcomes all-comers to bear witness - a voice to unite even the most unlikely of allies.

The Swedish born, Melbourne based singer & songwriter firmly establishes her musical territory with a voice that belies her age. Often compared to Adele, her voice is key to her disarming expressive ability. With strong releases throughout the pandemic, Lhēon is set to be on the rise and rise when unleashed on the world.

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