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Mega Bog Announces New Album, Life, and Another, With Lead Single, 'Station to Station'

Mega Bog (the world-inhabiting moniker of song-animator Erin Birgy) announces her new album, Life, and Another, out July 23rd (vinyl out August 27th) on Paradise of Bachelors, and presents its lead single/video, “Station to Station.” Departing from the humid spider plant nursery of previous record Dolphine (2019), Life, and Anotherbrings us back to our home planet, into the rarefied air pressure of a desert valley where its fourteen songs were written and scattered like stones in the landscape, each one a precious gem chiseled by Birgy. It’s another fantastical off-world transmission and her most sophisticated, exploratory, and accessible statement yet. Life, and Another stages a semi-fictionalized drama in the interior self, with scenes of collective longing at the bowling alley, disputes over a distended memory outside the bar, and solitary circling on the patio, looking out over the yard in stubborn awe. These memories, from both past and future, bubble up throughout the album and present their characters as new entries into the Mega Bog Book of Symbols. In “Station to Station,” an artichoke, the decadent indulgence young Erin learned to steam for herself, is gutted around the spine. Its accompanying video, directed by Birgy and Laura Conway, was shot in the Paint Mines of what most call rural Colorado.

With this video we tried to play with narratives of attachments and roles played by important people in our lives, how they morph, begin, and end in mysterious points of space, time, feeling. Attachments are inevitable, on some level, but was that person any of the things we’ve projected, why and how did we build the narrative for what is necessary for survival, and within the video, was that figure ever even there, or did they appear because of something extraordinary we found in the dust, and ate? - Erin Birgy The video was made during a season of death and tectonic shifts in my life and the world. Before vision calcifies as it does during times of stability, it is my hope that here things can be seen as they really are: porous. The sandy bubblegum rocks erode, and skin is as permeable as the disappearing clouds. This is the place where things will not keep being as they always were, and it is not possible to know who is you and who I. You may begin again while I may meet end after end. Or not. - Laura Conway

Cohabiting with co-producer, engineer, and percussionist James Krivchenia (Big Thief) in a small cabin near the Rio Grande, Birgy found herself often alone between their separate touring schedules. In these isolations, Birgy experienced partial loss of “known” self amid the expanse. Frequently thinking about death or true solitude in the middle of nowhere opened a familiar black hole of troubling projections, and any desire to remain positive continued to fold back into self-destructive thought and fear. Over time, a budding interest in mindfulness, attachment theory, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and rage gave way to new productive brain processes. These creative juices followed Birgy on the road and into subsequent lonely bedrooms as the songs continued to flow. Dark as everything may actually be, Birgy always manages to stay with the trouble and conjure the extraordinary resulting music.

Recorded over several sessions in various studios—the Unknown in Anacortes, Washington, Way Out in Woodinville, Washington, and Tropico Beauty in Glendale, California—Life, and Another features instrumental contributions from longtime and new collaborators, including Aaron Otheim, Zach Burba of iji, Will Segerstrom, Matt Bachmann, Andrew Dorsetof Lake, James Krivchenia of Big Thief, Meg Duffy of Hand Habits, Jade Tcimpidis, Alex Liebman, and co-engineers Geoff Treager and Phil Hartunian. Listeners know by now they can trust Mega Bog to continuously lead them into deeper and wilder, spiritual pop territories. Skittering piano glissandos, haunting psychic background voices, and tequila-inspired improvisations creep and crawl over the dark-night-of-the-soul rock and roll dreamscape, before vanishing to make way for invocations of quiet clarity and living-breathing instrumental passages. Throughout Life, and Another, Mega Bog transforms the brutal heaviness of the world into the collective struggle of living.

Life, and Another Tracklist

1. Flower

2. Station to Station

3. Weight of the Earth, on Paper

4. Crumb Back

5. Butterfly

6. Life, and Another

7. Maybe You Died

8. Beagle in the Cloud

9. Darmok

10. Adorable

11. Bull of Heaven

12. Obsidian Lizard

13. Before a Black Tea

14. Ameleon

In addition to the album’s vinyl LP, CD, and digital iterations, alimited-edition Life, and Another photo and song book featuring images, songwriting and studio notes, collages and texts by Erin Birgy, and drawings by Zach Burba, designed by Joel Gregory, is available, while supplies last, exclusively via Paradise of Bachelors.

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