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Mandy, Indiana Announce Debut EP With Lead Single, “Bottle Episode”

Manchester, UK-based trio Mandy, Indiana (FKA Gary, Indiana) announce their debut EP, ‘’ out digitally November 19th via Fire Talk Records (physically out December 10th). Today, they unveil lead single, “Bottle Episode.” Including new remixes and previously released singles “Alien 3” and “Nike of Samothrace,” the EP finds Mandy, Indiana bridging the worlds of post-punk, noise, and dance music to create their brutal pop sound. Last month, the band shared Daniel Avery’s remix of “Alien 3,” transforming the track from “heavy hitting, feedback drenched no wave to a visceral, dance floor ready banger” (Resident Advisor). Throughout the driving “Bottle Episode,” taut programmed beats meld perfectly with corrosive guitars inspired by the sound of a flood siren. “I wanted to build up on the military style of the track, but in a very slow crescendo, and not in a very obvious way. The lyrics talk of men waiting, moving forward; war is never mentioned, yet it is obvious that the men are waiting for death. The song ends with the men almost dancing as the bullets hit them,” says vocalist and lyricist Valentine Caulfield.

Caulfield and Scott Fair (guitar/production) met a couple of years ago when their respective previous bands shared a bill in Manchester. Caulfield was drawn to Fair’s aspirations to write beyond genre, while Fair was instantly taken with the singer’s magnetic stage presence and harsh, visceral vocals delivered in her native French. The pair also enlisted Liam Stewart (percussion), a touring musician who’s powerhouse rhythmic presence compliments the pair’s vision—emphasizing raw energy and emotion over meticulous composition to create a singular cathartic experience. The songs on ‘’ EP were recorded in a variety of spaces, from rehearsal rooms and home studios to cavernous industrial mills. You can hear it in the recordings: the clattering footsteps, muffled piano and chatter at the end of “Bottle Episode” were taken from the hall outside of one of their recording spaces. Other sounds like a buzzing fluorescent light and the rhythm of a passing train also found their way into the mix. Mandy, Indiana’s influences are fluid and their lyrics are left intentionally open to interpretation, but the group acknowledge cinematic references alongside musical touchstones. The band’s self-made music videos, influenced by the macabre film-making of Gaspar Noe and Leos Carax, see them carefully stitching together found-footage montages. Every image feels intentional, providing a visual chaos that matches the music’s unpredictability. Mandy, Indiana’s debut EP documents where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they’re going.

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