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New Playlist: Price of Blues

Updated: May 19, 2021

20 songs that embody the pain words can't explain curated by Cailey Davern

1. Falling Apart by Slow Pulp

2. Price of Blue by Flock of Dimes

3. Fast One by Renèe Reed

4. I believe in you by Hand Habits

5. The Good Ones by Widowspeak

6. Blindness by Maripool

7. Flood by DEHD

8. Haunted House by Charlotte Bumgarner

9. Think Too Much by Hannah Jadagu

10. Always by Fauvely

11. Emotion feat. Wild Nothing by Molly Burch, Wild Nothing

12. Caroline by Laura Elliott

13. You’re Such a Human Being by Savannah Pope

14. Roses Rotting in Your Glass by Sonny Falls, Sen Morimoto

15. In Aquamarine by Buddie

16. Escape Room By True Lions, Miki P

17. No Offerings by The Aubreys, Lunar Vacation

18. Norma Ray by Anastasia Coope

19. Feel It Again by Hether

20. Holding On by Charlie Reed

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