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Leeds’ Artist Agi Welcomes Us Into Her World with Debut Single “Crying Past Midnight'

Updated: May 19, 2021

Leeds’ own up-and-coming pop artist Agi welcomes us into her world with debut single “Crying Past Midnight” - a captivating introduction to her new artistic project.

Produced by Benjamin Casey, “Crying Past Midnight” is filled with delicate electronics and shimmering soundscapes, managing to be subtle yet powerful in its delivery. This breathtaking debut from Agi captivates the listener from the first listen, with her rich melodies and intimate narrative.

“This song is about an inevitable breakdown of a relationship. Not only is it very personal and close to home, but it also represents the way I want to be as a person”, Agi explains. “In hard and challenging situations, I always want to be graceful and understanding. I treated it almost like a conversation that I would want to have with the other person. Even when we’re both hurting, it's about still being full of love and passion and wanting to lift the other person up so they don’t suffer.”

Spending a number of years collaborating and writing with other artists, Agi is now ready to launch her own solo career, destined to be as mesmerising as her debut release. Setting out to infuse her music with the same intense passion, Agi channels artists such as Julia Michaels, Lauv and Lorde when creating her own sensational and energetic pop anthems.

Imbued with her signature message of self acceptance and personal growth, “Crying Past Midnight” marks the beginning of what is to be a remarkable career for one of the UK’s most talented emerging artists.

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