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Nashville's Lava Gulls Deconstructs and Samples Broken Piano on Indie-Electronic Single 'Slack'

Updated: May 19, 2021

Nashville-based artist Lava Gulls, released single "Slack" off of upcoming album, Transcience. Lava Gulls is the artful indie-electronic project of producer and songwriter Jonathan Bailey, who wrote Transience using a drum machine and a busted piano. He took after John Cage, plucking and bowing the piano's strings to create drones and harp-like textures. While much of the record functions as a diary entry on religious disaffection, "Slack" was inspired in particular by decay, from friendships fracturing to the existential threat of climate change.

The repurposed piano on both this single and the record as a whole also serves as an apt metaphor for the deconstruction and recontextualization of Jonathan’s spiritual experiences. But much like Jonathan finding new meaning in his past and finding new sounds from an old broken piano, his music suggests it's all cyclical. Like the album name suggests, "Slack" is "about the transient nature of everything," he says, "and the hard work it takes to stop clinging to your own ideas of how things should stay the same." Never-ending cycles and new takes on avant-garde composers aside, Transience is dance music, which first came to life in sweaty basements and dark clubs.

Lava Gulls releases Transcience on June 4th through Good Authority, keep up with the release on Bandcamp | Spotify | Facebook| Instagram (@lavagulls)

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