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Latin Pop Artist partywatcher Combines Vibrant Percussion and Soulful Vocals In 'Si Tu Te Vas'

partywatcher is an artist who has spent the past decade crafting his sound, paying homage to the native sounds of his island, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, he takes inspiration from eclectic music icons like The Weeknd, Janet Jackson, Prince, Villalona, Teodoro Reyes, and Phil Collins.

Now embracing the Chicago music scene, partywatcher plays shows in the city’s well-known venues such as Subterranean and Sleeping Village. He blends together Soul, R&B, Rock and Latin Pop, writing about personal experiences from heartbreak, relationships, mental health whilst exploring his true identity. Collaborating with producer Radi Pina (Le Montro) to write his debut EP ‘MORENO,’ partywatcher has created music that is individual, yet empathetic and universal to us all.

Latin pop songwriting, vibrant percussion, and soulful vocals paint the landscape of partywatcher’s forthcoming single ‘Si Tu Te Vas.’ The lead track from his upcoming debut EP ‘MORENO’, ‘Si Tu Te Vas’ will be out on the 4th June 2021. The pandemic of 2020 left the world in pieces, but for many it allowed time for reflection and contemplation. This happened for partywatcher, who wrote ‘Si Tu Te Vas’ after the pandemic began, becoming the first song of his debut EP. Sonically, ‘Si Tu Te Vas’ blends the feel-good fusion of rhythmic color and emotive delivery with darker undertones. Lyrically the song dives into the sombre world of depression and partywatcher’s battle with the weight of it. The song confronts these struggles head-on, and in doing so learns to accept and deal with the challenges. ‘Si Tu Te Vas’ prides itself on being the most Latin sounding track on the EP, which pays tribute to partywatcher’s roots.

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