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Lainey Dionne Returns with Dark Pop Masterpiece 'I Love You To Death'

Lainey Dionne is a dark pop songstress from Rhode Island, who has endeavoured to make a name for herself as a singer-songwriter with attitude and personality. With a string of releases, her most recent being ‘I love YouTo Death’, she channels the energy of a rebellious and courageous woman facing the up and down roller coaster that is falling in love. Delicate love songs with a passion and emotion, with a heartfelt delivery that is undeniable.

Her latest single ‘I Love You to Death’ is another alt-pop masterpiece. Her potent and hard hitting lyricism drives home once again as she puts herself out there in a melodically flowing track from the start, catching hooks that can only be found by multifaceted talents such as Dionne. The production really comes to the forefront in the chorus, with a powerful and almost 80s synth and bass line coming in harmoniously as Lainey’s swooning vocal takes centre stage. Up and coming producer and writer Nick Schwarz showcases all of his talents and combines everything in one 2 minute 30 second package of catchy, power pop.

‘I Love You to Death’ is certainly a statement from Lainey Dionne as she pours her heart and soul out into this one, describing how she has been blind to loving someone who isn’t good for her. She has however, turned it into a superbly written and catchy single which will captivate listeners across the globe.

Describing the process behind ‘I love You to Death’, Lainey explains:

“I Love You to Death is about wanting someone so bad, that you don’t even notice how BAD they actually are for you. Sometimes in my relationships I have blinders on, and all I focus on is how much I love them, not how much they are killing my vibe. The lyrics list different ways my significant other can kill me, yet all I can talk about is how much I love them. This song is essentially about that stupid state of mind we get in with the toxic ex we keep taking back because we are so blinded by our misplaced love for them.”

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