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L.A's Post-Punk Trio Media Jeweler Announces Upcoming Album Release With Lead Single Helicopter

Los Angeles arty post punk Fire Talk mainstays Media Jeweler announced their new album, and the 3rd LP, from entitled ‘The Sublime Sculpture of Being Alive’ will be release on August 13th. Founded in Orange County before rising to greater prominence in Los Angeles, Media Jeweler are a band who have long pushed to the outer edges of the art rock scene they've been a fixture of for going on half a decade. From their early days sharing stages with artists like Palberta, Palm, Yonatan Gat and Anna Meredith, their dramatic, technically-adept and largely instrumental sound has been turning heads. Their mesmeric live performances initially attracted our attention back in 2015 & we released their 2015 debut $99 R/T Hawaii and their 2018 full length 1-800-SUCCEED to wide acclaim from outlets like Pitchfork, NPR, VICE, Paste and Stereogum, who drew comparisons to artists like Slint, Dimemberment Plan and Built To Spill while praising the bands "carefully-honed art rock" (VICE).

Today, six years removed from their first LP, Media Jeweler have returned to announce their third full length The Sublime Sculpture of Being Alive (due out August 13th on Fire Talk), and share the album's first single "Helicopter."The new LP marks some significant changes for the band, including the addition of a new member in Graham Ulicny of The Faint and Reptar, and a shift away from their instrumental roots, with member Sam Farzin taking on vocal duties on the majority of the album's 11 tracks. This first single, which comes with a striking video directed by Joseph Hirabayashi of the band Jo Passed, exemplifies the band's new approach, with their forceful rhythmic ebbs and flows underpinning a David Yow-esque performance from Farzin, that details the oppressive daily presence of police helicopters in LA.

"The city of Los Angeles has the largest police helicopter fleet in the United States," says Farzin. "The unmistakable sound of military technology blends with birdsong as accepted ambiance for the morning cup. Why?"

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