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Killah Priest of Wu-Tang Clan shares “Mystery Channel” EP

Updated: Sep 6

Killah Priest has been consistently productive for nearly three decades, working with Wu-Tang Clan, releasing his own solo records, and collaborating with other artists. His contributions to iconic albums like GZA's Liquid Swords and Ol' Dirty Bastard's Return to the 36 Chambers have established him as a respected figure in hip-hop. Today, he is releasing his latest EP, Mystery Channel, through LA-based label 600 Block Records, which specializes in soul, hip-hop, and jazz music. The EP features two original tracks produced by Tusk57 from the label, as well as a remix by Tall Black Guy, a close friend of the label. The lead single, also titled "Mystery Channel," has been described as a condensed horrorcore experience, while Tall Black Guy's remix adds a slower, smoky jazz aesthetic to the song. The remix has received airplay on KCRW and will be shared on KEXP as well. The EP has already received positive reviews and recommendations from publications such as Stereogum and Uproxx. Furthermore, Killah Priest will be headlining 600 Block Records' showcase event in Chicago on August 16th, which will also feature performances by Tall Black Guy, Pugs Atomz, and other artists. To listen to the EP, you can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, or Bandcamp.

Killah Priest, known for his contributions to the Wu-Tang Clan and his critically acclaimed solo career, is set to release his new EP, Mystery Channel, through the LA-based label 600 Block Records. This highly anticipated EP features two original tracks produced by Tusk57, as well as a remix by the talented musician Tall Black Guy.

The lead single and title track, "Mystery Channel," has already gained attention for its horrorcore elements, creating a haunting and eerie atmosphere in just three minutes, the song dives into a smokier sound grounded in jazz instrumentation, lending the tracks that haunted sound. Tall Black Guy's remix takes the song to another level by infusing it with jazz arrangements, resulting in a slower, smokier vibe. To celebrate the release, Killah Priest will headline 600 Block Records' showcase event at Subterranean in Chicago on August 16th. This special event will also feature performances from Tall Black Guy, Pugs Atomz, and more talented artists.

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