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Kentucky's TED TYRO, releases Psychedelic Single, 'Sunk Cost'

TED TYRO is a Louisville, Kentucky band formed around the tape machine recordings of Bart Swift. The band, featuring members of Wombo and Murals, plays bouncing, bass-led pop rock reminiscent of Talking Heads, Deerhunter, and Omni.

"In economics, “Sunk Cost” refers to capital spent which cannot be recovered. The term resurfaced for me during an episode of Kai Ryssdal’s “Marketplace” show on NPR. I loved its visceral nature. I tried to write about it in terms of the mental and emotional capital we invest in interpersonal relationships as well as our relationships with devices, products, systems, etc. I also had Wuthering Heights and Beauty and the Beast on my mind. I tried to mirror the tone of those kinds of romance, ones marked by great desire and great danger."

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